We're here to help adapt to unexpected 2020 restaurant trends

Adapting to Unexpected 2020 Restaurant Trends

Restaurateurs are always on the lookout for the next unexpected event that could slow the flow of customers. Impactful events, such as the recent Coronavirus pandemic, or more localized events, such as large local employer shutting its doors, can quickly cut into the business of a restaurant. How prepared are you for a sudden drop…

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Small restaurant equipment costs can be brought down with savvy choices

How High Are Small Restaurant Equipment Costs?

When you run a restaurant, ways to save money are often hidden in plain sight. For one thing, when’s the last time you took stock of how much you have invested in equipment, including your technology? By upgrading your equipment and technology you can improve your working processes. And more efficient processes means you can…

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Point of sale analysis can highlight customer trends

The Benefits of Point of Sale Analysis and Data Reports

Looking for that conclusive edge in business is akin to seeking the Holy Grail. Clues abound, and yet the moment of triumph feels elusive. Getting the competitive edge you desire, while building an improved customer experience, requires more than just intuitive feelings. You need the hard facts; data that accurately steer your observations in the…

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Cafe point of sale systems have many useful features

The 3 Best Features of Cafe Point of Sale Systems

Running a cafe can be a very social experience. You most likely will be on a first-name basis with your regulars, and new customers may seek your advice about anything from upcoming area events to the best place to get an oil change. As part-time barista, part-time personal assistant, and full-time business owner, you need…

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