Point of sale email capture is helpful for your marketing.

Point of Sale Email Capture Best Practices

Developing a connection with your customer is an easy recipe for success. However, with all this talk about brand loyalty dying out, what’s an entrepreneur to do? In a world dominated by social media, it’s easy to overlook the basics, including point of sale email capture.  According to Salesforce, over 90% of consumers use email…

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Conduct an annual small business technology needs assessment annually.

How to Conduct a Small Business Technology Needs Assessment

There’s no escaping it: Nowadays, technology is everywhere. From smartphones to tablets to wifi-compatible fridges, it seems like every product on the market has been infused with some kind of technology. Naturally, for an entrepreneur, deciding which tech is (and isn’t) helpful to you can be a little overwhelming. To save yourself a headache –…

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Small businesses and community involvement go hand-in-hand.

Small Businesses and Community Involvement

Across the country, small businesses are essential to making their local communities attractive to residents and visitors. Very often, from large metropolises to small-town America, you will find small business owners from all walks of life and industries working to develop a sense of community pride. While it may seem like larger corporations have community…

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Throw a customer appreciation day to show your gratitude towards your clientele.

How Can Your POS Help You Throw a Customer Appreciation Day?

With all the headlines proclaiming the decline of customer loyalty, gaining repeat business has become harder than ever. As retail competitiveness continues to grow, more businesses are struggling to set themselves apart. Given how online shopping, as well as hyper-competitive big-box retailers, have cut deep into the profit margins of smaller retail shops, earning customer…

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