Meet the Team: Anthony Keane, Head of EU Partner Sales

Our team at talech is as diverse as they come. Spanning the globe from Boise, ID to Dublin, Ireland, our employees have a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. We are musicians, knitters, and basketball players. We’ve worked as waiters at chain restaurants and in tech support. But despite our differences, we all have one thing in common: our journey has brought each of us to talech.Anthony Keane

Check out our “Meet the Team Series” each month to find out some fun facts about our team and learn more about what they do at talech. This month’s edition features Anthony Keane, Head of EU Partner Sales.

Q. What is your name, title, and location?

A. Anthony Keane, Head of EU Partner Sales – Located in Dublin, Ireland.

Q. How long have you been at talech?

A. Just over 2 years.

Q. What is your favorite movie?

A. The Green Mile.

Q. What is your favorite part about working for talech?

A. The Team – The culture in talech is the very best I have ever been part of.

Q. If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

A. Dublin Coddle Casserole.

Q. Do you have an office nickname? If so, what is it? 

A. None that I know of.

Q. Before working at talech, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A. In my teens I worked in an bar on the Spanish island of Lanzorote.

Q. What three traits define you?

A. Honest, hardworking and optimistic.

Q. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us. 

A. I’m really afraid of strong winds. 🙂

Q. Where is your hometown?

A. Dublin, Ireland.

Q. What is your favorite sports team?

A. Liverpool FC.

Q. What is the most recent app you’ve downloaded on your phone?

A. MapMyRun.

Q. What does a typical work day look like for you?

A. I’m a partner manager so I rarely have a typical day. Generally I start and end my days by speaking to our Bank Partners. Making sure they have all the tools they need to sell talech. We work so closely with these teams that most are now friends so its really a day of chatting and helping out our friends.

Q. Tell us about the best vacation you have ever gone on.

A. Thailand and Bali. I spent 3 months travelling Thailand with my wife for our honeymoon and we ended the trip in Bali.

Q. What hobbies and interests do you have outside of work? 

A. I follow my team Liverpool FC in my spare time and enjoy watching movies.

talech Testimonial: Me’s burgers and brews

me logo

Mother-daughter duo Kathy Cropp and Emily Tomlinson have always been avid readers. So, in 2015 when they opened Me’s burgers and brews in Danville, Virginia, both women knew they wanted to tie their love of books into their new gourmet burger and craft beer restaurant. They decided to decorate with antique typewriters, name their burgers after authors, and feature each author’s book cover on their famous wall of authors. According to Kathy, “Our burgers, which are named after some of our favorite authors, change with the seasons along with the rest of the menu. As new burgers are named, new authors and a corresponding book cover decorates our wall.”

Me's Using talech POS Photo

Changing their menu quarterly keeps things current and fresh and requires them to have an easy to use POS that can keep up with their needs. As their business began taking off, Me’s burgers and brews quickly realized their current POS system wasn’t adequate for their changing needs. They knew they needed a new system to run their business better and began a search. Kathy and Emily’s local banker introduced them to talech and they were instantly impressed. Kathy recalls, “We felt talech had all of the things that we were looking for. Plus, we had a local representative introduced to talech by their local banker that supported us in the Elavon processing. I was thrilled that talech was Apple iPad based for service and checkout at the tables and offered solid reporting of business metrics. And the staff loves that talech’s POS is easy to use.”

StaircaseNow that they’ve been using the system for the last few “chapters” of their business, they both agree that they would recommend talech to other fellow restaurant owners. “We highly recommend talech. One of things that we are most impressed by is the fact that they are always adding depth to the product and continually want to improve and become an even better product.”

Me's Book Staircase with talech POS Photo v2

talech’s iPad POS has successfully helped Kathy and Emily run their business more effectively while they focus on what they do best: making delicious burgers and serving up specialty brews! Because as Virginia Woolf wrote in A Room of One’s Own, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

For more information about how talech’s POS can help your business run better, click here.

To find out more about Me’s burgers and brews, check out their website.

talech and Poynt: Re-imagining the point of sale experience


Our mission at talech is to help merchants make better business decisions through technology. Today, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Poynt, the maker of the world’s first smart terminal, to offer merchants a one-stop business solution. As part of our collaboration, the talech app will be pre-loaded on all Poynt devices for a broad range of verticals including the retail and restaurant segments. talech will offer a free version of its app to all Poynt customers; upgrading their experience is seamless thanks to Poynt’s billing and app store platform.

talech’s powerful point-of-sale software combined with Poynt’s elegant payment experience will be a great fit for a range of merchants, from the corner store to the multi-location business as they transition from legacy payment terminals to modern, next-generation software and business tools. In addition, our companies’ partner focused approach makes us a natural fit in many existing channels where we do business.

“Poynt was founded based on a vision of giving merchants superpowers. Our collaboration with talech showcases the capabilities of our platform, and further enhances our merchants ability to run their business in the most seamless way possible. This partnership allows us to extend talech’s capabilities to our retail and restaurant merchants, and sets the standard for future partnerships in other verticals,” says Osama Bedier, CEO of Poynt.


  • talech will be the default point-of-sale/register experience for all Poynt customers in the retail and hospitality verticals (cafes, QSRs, restaurants, bars)
  • talech will offer a free version of its point-of-sale experience for businesses which will enable them to create orders, accept payments, manage employees, add customers and view reports.
  • Customers can upgrade plans and unlock additional features such as online ordering, gift and loyalty right from the talech app with just a few taps on their Poynt terminal
  • Poynt will extend talech’s capabilities to enable multiple use cases including countertop ordering, order and pay at table, line-busting and other mobile scenarios.
  • Customers will be able to accept all forms of payments, split checks by position, adjust tips, open bar tabs and settle transactions right from the talech app on Poynt.
  • Customers can use the talech/Poynt solution in conjunction with talech on iPad to manage tables and perform other functions.

Irv Henderson, CEO/co-founder talech


talech + Deputy: Better business through data

Group (1).png

Today, we’re excited to announce our integration with Deputy, an HR and employee management system. Deputy manages everything between hiring and paying your employees: scheduling, time & attendance, tasking, communication and more. Customers using talech and Deputy can better predict and manage labour costs by creating employee schedules in line with sales data from talech. Deputy customers can simplify the tracking of employee hours by starting and ending shifts via mobile device.  Time data can also be seamlessly integrated to payroll and accounting platforms in just a few clicks.

Karl Purdy is the founder and CEO of Coffeeangel, an award winning chain of cafes in Dublin, Ireland. The talech-Deputy integration has given Karl increased visibility into his business operations. “Labour expenditure is one of our single greatest operating costs. The importance we at Coffeeangel place on the quality of service our staff provide, as well as understanding and managing these labour costs, cannot be overstated. Understanding how and when to staff to ensure excellent quality service has just been made infinitely easier with talech’s integration with Deputy. Both historic and live daily NET sales data from talech combine and overlay on top of Deputy’s daily labour cost predictions providing a clear visual reference ensuring store managers can staff at appropriate levels and guarantee excellent service based on your own factual sales data. Total game changer!”

The integration is currently only available to our customers in UK and Ireland. We expect to roll it out to our US customers soon.

deputy_steps (1).jpg

At talech, we’ve always believed that data and insights help our customers run their businesses better. With the Deputy integration, we’re continuing to move that mission forward.

To sign up or learn more about Deputy, please visit

To sign up or learn more about talech, please visit or email us at

Introducing Service Charges and Automatic Reporting

Service Charges
Delivery, restocking, banquet, bottle deposit – the new Service Charges feature can be customized for almost any scenario. Trigger a charge only for to-go orders or amounts greater than $100. You can correctly attribute any service charges to the business or an employee making reporting easier. Learn more.


Automatic Reports
Stay on top of all your business metrics in your email inbox. Setup daily, weekly or monthly alerts and send them to key decision makers in your business. Choose the format that works best for you. Learn more.


New Reports
Get more visibility into your sales with two new reports – sales by hour and sales by day of week. Both reports help you make better business decisions on staffing and when to run promotions.



Duplicate Orders
Speed up the ordering process for regular customers with the duplicate order feature. With one tap (and zero effort), you can re-create the entire order.  Learn more.

Dynamic Bundlesdynamic-bundles
Create bundle products with prices determined dynamically at checkout based on what’s in the bundle, thereby making it easier to setup bundles with many variations.  Learn more.

To learn more about these and other features, drop us a note at or reach us at: 1.888.995.1998.

4 Smart Strategies for Using Discounts and Promotions to Generate Sales

With the holiday season around the corner, businesses across the country are gearing up to entice customers looking for deals. Discounts are effective tools to drive sales and reduce excess inventory. In hospitality, promotions such as happy hour and weekday specials can bring in customers during slow days and times. Talech offers a powerful range of discounting capabilities that can help you achieve your business objectives. Here are 4 ways talech can help you apply these discounting capabilities to achieve your sales goals:

Clearance Discounts

Clearance discounts are commonly used in retail scenarios to clear out excess or old inventory. In this example, certain clearance items across different categories are tagged as red dot (50% off).
Step 1: Create tag “Clearance”
Step 2: Apply “Clearance” tag to one or more products
Step 3: Create “Clearance” 50% off discount and apply “Clearance” tag to discount. Setup discount to automatically apply.



Happy Hour Promotions


Happy hour promotions are used to discount drinks or food during the week at specific times. In this example, we will create a happy hour discount where all bottled beers are set to a fixed price of $2 from 4-6pm from Monday to Thursday. To setup a happy hour discount, create a discount and set the discount type to “Fixed Price” with a value of $2.00. Select the “Bottled Beer” category and enable weekdays from 4-6pm under “Automatic Discount”.




BOGO Discounts

BogoBuy one get one free (BOGO) discounts are a powerful way to drive up ticket size and also help promote related items. A common example of a retail BOGO discount could be: buy 1 shirt and get the 2nd one free. In hospitality, BOGO discounts can also be combined with happy hour discounts such as: “Tuesday special – Get your second appetizer free when you order between 4pm and 7pm.” In this example we will setup a retail  BOGO discount where the customer gets a free scarf if they purchase any two Women’s Tops.

Step 1: Create tag “Scarf”
Step 2: Apply “Scarf” tag to all scarves in the “Accessory” category
Step 3: Create a BOGO discount, setup the rule on which to trigger the discount and the reward details (see screenshot below).




Variable Priced Discounts


Variable priced discounts are a flexible way to offer a custom discount during the purchase flow. These can be used in situations where a manager decides to apply a discretionary discount. To apply a variable discount, create a discount, select the discount type (% off or $ off) and leave the amount field blank. In the register, tap on the discount button and enter the discount value.



In summary, when used correctly, discounts can not only help you achieve your sales goals, but also build a regular customer clientele while maintaining your profit margins.

To learn more this and other benefits of talech, contact or call us at 1.888.995.1998.

New Customer Experiences

We’re excited to announce new customer experiences that make it easier for your customers to order and pay. Kiosk mode is officially here. We’re also rolling out a beta version of a customer facing display app that improves the checkout experience.

Kiosk Mode
Kiosk mode is a self-serve ordering experience that helps businesses improve the checkout flow and also drives down their operating costs. It’s easy to setup, is already built into your talech Register (no additional app to download) and only requires you to purchase an additional device license for each station. Kiosk mode can also be used to collect donations, create new retail experiences and more. Contact your sales representative to sign up for new devices. Learn more.

Customer Facing Display (BETA)
talech’s customer facing display provides your customers greater visibility into the purchase flow. You can customize the display to engage your customers at the point of purchase with promotions and custom messaging. The customer facing display app is free to use. If you are a talech customer, contact us to be part of the beta program.

Customer Facing Display

Bundle Tagsbundle-tag
Bundles with tags provides tons of flexibility to create sets of combo products. For example, you can create a combo meal using any sandwich, any drink and any side or you can sell a group of any 3 shirts as a set. Learn more.


Cash Drawer Edit & Audit Capability
Managers and admins can close a cash drawer shift and record the amount at a later date to speed up shift changes. Any changes are audited and tracked in the cash drawer report on Learn More.

Just add it to my account

We’re excited to announce our latest release with tons of new features and improvements. House accounts, BOGO-type discounts, and new reports. Check out the video that covers highlights from this release.

House Accounts
Allow your customers to open a tab or pay for an order. Choose whether you want customers to make a deposit or pay at the end month. Track balances and automatically send out monthly statements to customers.  Learn More.

Simulator Screen Shot Apr 13, 2017, 8.21.46 AM.png

BOGO (Buy One Get One) provides advanced discounting functionality based on pre-set rules. It’s easy to set up and is flexible for many applications: buy 2 shirts, get the 3rd at 50% or buy any 2 pizzas and get a free drink. BOGO is available for talech Premium customers. Learn More.

Simulator Screen Shot Apr 14, 2017, 9.57.14 AM.png

But wait there’s more…

  • Print tickets on item voids
  • Control which discounts require admin approval
  • Send kitchen tickets on save or add to order
  • Print settlement report anytime
  • Employees can bulk adjust tips from settlement screen
  • See full list of features here

Visit today to learn more about how talech can help your business!

Announcing Online Ordering for Restaurants

We want to ring in the new year with a BIG announcement: Online Ordering for Restaurants is now available!


Seamlessly integrated into talech, online ordering can speed up service, reduce order errors and provide a new way for your customers to reach you. You get:

  • A Branded Website
  • Integrated Payment Options
  • Seamless Order Management
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Customer Insights and Reporting

Branded Website

website-bBuilding your own website can be expensive and time-consuming. Without integration into your restaurant POS, you’ll spend valuable time updating your site when there are menu changes.

With talech’s Online Ordering, you can create a free, mobile-friendly website with one click.

  • Access from any device
  • Brand and logo customization
  • Display product images
  • Choose which products & categories to show
  • Automatic menu sync

Integrated Payment Options

paymentGrab-and-go at its finest. Speed up the line at the counter and improve the customer experience with pay ahead. talech integrates with your existing processor, so you can track online and in-store revenues in one place.

  • Set minimum order amounts
  • Offer pay in-store option
  • Capture tips during checkout
  • Integrates with your existing processor

Seamless Order Management

appNo separate tablets, faxes, or handwritten notes to manage. Your online orders are already in talech, so you can eliminate clutter and errors.

Trying to cope with the lunch hour rush? You can pause online ordering right from talech Register to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

  • Integrated online ordering
  • Auto-accept orders
  • Take orders for a future date or time
  • Pause Online Ordering or set a delay

Automatic Notifications

Keep your customers informed every step of the way after they place an order. Get notified immediately when new orders arrive, so you never miss anything.

  • In-app, email and SMS notifications to you so you know when a new order is placed
  • Automatic customer updates when an order is accepted, prepared, ready or delayed
  • Order status page with real-time order status and maps and driving directions to your business

Customer Insights and Reporting

Build your customer database and understand you customers better with each order. Track customer activity across online and in-store orders. Track sales across all channels.

  • New customers automatically added
  • Single customer record across online and
    in-store visits
  • View customer spend and visit activity
  • View revenue, tip and tax breakdown by
    order type

No setup costs. No hidden charges. Unlimited transactions. Contact the talech Support Team at 888.995.1998 or your merchant services representative to sign up today!

Learn more or watch a video overview of talech Online Ordering.

See our previous blog post to see other new features available with this release.

What’s new in talech – Jan 2017 edition

We wanted to ring in 2017 with a series of features and improvements to talech.

Custom Order Types
Catering, Drive Thru, Special Order – you name it! Create custom order types to make it easier for you to track sales by each type. Learn More.


Default Modifiers
Switch to conversational ordering with default modifiers. Now you can pre-define which modifiers to select per item. Switch out default options for substitutions and save precious seconds while taking orders. Learn More.


Multi-store product sync 
Sync your products, categories, and discounts across locations. Make changes at any location and only sync the changes you choose. Use a single interface to update inventory at multiple stores. Learn More.



Manager Cards

Approve voids and other admin actions with a swipe of a card. Cards can be printed by just about any card company so you can get the best deal out there.   Learn More.


We hope these new offerings help you run your business better.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.