customer uses ePOS to make payment

ePOS vs. POS: What is the Difference?

  Once business owners make the decision to install a point of sale system, it becomes a “brick and mortar” aspect of business infrastructure. However, newer payment methods, internet marketing, and security concerns are now causing managers to rethink the roles that POS solutions fill beyond the cash register receipt. It’s time to compare epos…

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employee at cafe takes a digital cashless payment

5 Digital Cashless Steps to Success

  COVID-19 is giving cash a bad name. Once the most convenient of payments, hard currency has become viewed by customers as a potential source of health risk as the world continues to take anti-pandemic measures. While the science suggests banknotes and coins aren’t the scourge they seem, consumer confidence in the shopping and service…

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employee stands outside of shop

How a POS System for Seasonal Businesses Can Magnify Growth

  Every retail business experiences some seasonal swings in sales, whether post-holiday doldrums or summertime sales spurts. For some retailers, however, seasons define the business, such as gift shops at popular tourist attractions, lawn care services, and vacation cottages. These businesses have unique needs for tracking cash flow, managing employees, and attracting and retaining customers.…

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People enjoy a holiday gathering

Holiday Sales: POS Systems That Maximize the Season

  Before the holiday season begins each year, small business owners prepare to ramp up their operations in anticipation of an increase in sales volume. Conducting thorough reviews of past holiday successes, as well as performing market research on each upcoming season’s anticipated consumer trends, are all part of standard holiday planning. But have you…

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