Automatic for the people

We’re excited to roll out another release packed with features.  talech now integrates with Fanfare – a new customizable loyalty, promotions, and gift cards program from Elavon. Create discounts to trigger at any time with new the new Automatic Discounts feature.  Swipe to open tabs and authorize cards with the pre-authorization feature. In addition, we have a ton of enhancements such as a close shift function, transfer orders, shared inventory and more.

Automatic Discounts
Happy hour, 20% off Sweaters this weekend – we got you covered. Create discounts to trigger at specific times of the day or days of the week. Get full control over which categories receive discounts.  You can also set items to a fixed price – hooray for $2.00 Margaritas! And with discount stacking, you can add multiple discounts to an order.  Learn more.


Fanfare + talech = WIN!
Drive repeat visits and increase customer spend with our new loyalty feature. You can create multiple offers and enroll customers right from the talech app using just a phone number or a loyalty card.  Grow new business with promotional and gift card features within Fanfare.  Contact your sales rep to sign up. Learn more.


11586d12-96b1-41e8-9725-ccb44eaa2012-300x225Business Shift

Now you can track sales by shift or by day.  Just close out a shift with the tap of a button and compare your totals across breakfast, lunch and dinner! Learn more.




Swipe and hold a card for an open order. Choose your authorization amount.  Easily lookup customers by name. Learn more



3f114af8-47ed-4f18-a655-c44348224044-300x198Transfer Orders

Moving orders between employees is a breeze. Just tap on the employee name and select an someone from the list.



Declare Tips on Clock out
Require all employees to declare cash and credit tips on clock out.  View declared tips on the timesheet report.


But wait there’s more…

  • Use variations to create different price points with shared inventory tracking
  • Require servers to close or transfer orders before clocking out
  • Group or ungroup items on order tickets
  • Turn off taxes for To-Go orders
  • An improved flow for adding tips to orders
  • Learn more about these features by visiting our support page on

We hope these new updates make it even easier to use talech.  As always, drop us a note at if you have any questions or feedback.  We’re always listening!

Head of product, talech