From Hickory to Honolulu, happy 2015!

Happy new year!  We’re starting off 2015 with a brand new set of updates.  With multi-store, you can view all your store locations through a single interface.  For our restaurant customers, table layout makes it even easier to start and manage orders! And we have the next few months packed with more stuff so hang on tight.

Multi-store Reporting
If you’re a business with multiple locations, comparing stores has never been easier!  Now, you can view reports and manage information for each store through a single easy to use interface on Learn more. trumpet-cafe-1024x611

Table Layout
Perfect for restaurants, table layout allows you to set up a floor plan, view your open and seated tables, start an order, and assign tables to servers. Setting up your floor plan is easy! Simply tap, drag and drop the tables onto your floor plan. Learn more.


beautiful-receipt-300x300Beautiful email receipts

We’ve completely redone our email receipts that puts your business on the map (literally!).  And a clean layout with lots more details such as discounts and order information.




138354f5-9e6f-4118-bd7a-e8ccd60f320fGift receipts

Now, you can print out gift receipts for customers. Simply view any closed order and tap on the gift receipt icon. Learn more.





96f899d9-5be9-4620-9795-e12a6b134ca0-300x194Show/Hide Products

Use the show/hide feature to move a category or product from the register without deleting it.  Great when you’re out of stock or have seasonal inventory. Learn more.



We hope these new updates make it even easier to use talech.  As always, drop us a note at if you have any questions or feedback.  We’re always listening!

Senior Product Manager, talech