Eat. Pay. Love.

No, it’s not another Julia Roberts movie.  We’ve got 3 BIG features we want to talk about.

EAT and Merge Orders
If you’re a restaurant customer, you can use our new batch edit feature to split and merge orders, repeat items, resend items to the kitchen or bar, and set the table position for multiple items. Learn more.


PAY using Store Credit
Accept returns using the new Store Credit feature. Optionally link your store credit to a customer record.  Accept store credit as a new payment type and lookup credit by customer name, or just scan the receipt. Learn more.


LOVE your reports with tags
Want to track retail merchandise vs. food sales?   Need to report food vs. alcohol sales? Label your categories with one or more tags and generate the new report that slices your revenues any way you want. Learn more.


But wait, there’s more…


View all your categories
If you have tons of categories and want quick access to all of them, just use the categorygrid button in your register.





A new cash drawer experience
The new cash drawer screen shows you all the details of the last shift.  Once you close a shift, it automatically shows you a summary report with an option to print it.




t24-7_iconCall or email us anytime

We want to be there when your business is open no matter what time it is.  We’re happy to announce that starting today, we’re offering 24/7 support coverage!





In addition, we’ve made a ton of fixes and improvements.  We hope these new updates make it even easier to use talech.  As always, drop us a note at if you have any questions or feedback.  We’re always listening!