Now serving Apple Pay and more

We’re excited to announce that talech now supports Apple Pay. In partnership with Elavon, talech integrates with a new card reader that is future proofed for the transition to EMV.



  • End-to-end encryption
  • Supports swipe, Apple Pay™  & Google Wallet™
  • Easy setup via Bluetooth
  • Available as part of retail and restaurant equipment bundles
  • EMV ready (available in Q3 2015)
  • Available today

Contact your Elavon sales representative for information about pricing.

In addition, our latest software release contains numerous new features and enhancements.

Support for standalone payment terminals


If you’re using a standalone payment terminal, talech now makes it easier to record those transactions.  Simply select the new “External Payment Terminal” option from Settings. Once you hit Pay, you’ll see an option to log payment details. Learn more.


2015-05-28-21.18.22-300x225If you have a regular customers that make ongoing purchases, you can now securely store their card info to seamlessly process payments.  This feature is currently only offered for Elavon customers using a secure process known as tokenization.  Learn more.


Customize grouping on order tickets
order-ticket-264x300Control how your items are grouped on order tickets to make it easier for your kitchen staff to read and process orders.  You can choose between grouping by item, category or table position. Learn more.





Short Name & Description

We’ve create two new product fields to make managing your menu easier.  The “Short Name” field can be used to print chit names on order tickets. So “Chicken Marsala with farfalle pasta” can be just sent as “chx mar”.  The “Description” field can be used to enter additional product details such as method of preparation, ingredients, manufacturer information or product specifications.

To-Go taxes per category

In some states, certain categories are not taxed for to-go orders.  With this setting, you can control which categories are taxed for to-go orders.  So your cold foods can have no tax on to-go orders while your hot foods can continue to have tax applied. Learn more.

Employee Permissions

We’ve made two changes to the way employee permissions are handled.  If an employee does not have permission to issue refunds, it will now display the Refund button but prompt for an admin PIN.  This allows admins to approve any employee issued refunds without having to do the refund themselves.  We’ve also introduced a new permission that controls whether an employee has the ability to delete items or change item level taxes once an item has been added to an order.  This covers a few cases where unscrupulous employees can add items to an order, print a receipt, take cash payment and delete the order leaving no trace of the transaction. Learn more.

No signature required

For many quick serve and cafe customers, it’s not necessary to require a customer signature for orders below a certain amount.  We have a new setting which allows you to control the amount below which the customer signature step can be skipped. Learn more.

Tags report

If you’re using our tags feature, you can now get breakdown of your revenues by tag in the register summary report. Learn more.

In addition, we’ve made a ton of fixes and enhancements in the latest release.

Please reach us at or call us at 1.888.995.1998 if you have any questions or concerns.