Introducing Inventory 2.0

Managing your business just got a whole lot easier with talech. With Inventory 2.0, a suite of advanced inventory features, you can receive alerts when products are running low, send purchase orders, track suppliers, conduct regular stock takes and view detailed inventory changes.




Create suppliers and associate them with products and POs. Use markups to set a fixed margin for any products you sell. Get sales and profitability information by supplier in the new Supplier report. Learn more.



Purchase Orders
Streamline your reordering process by creating and emailing purchase orders to your suppliers. Choose a delivery location for your shipments. Automatically restock and print barcodes once you receive inventory. Learn more.


Inventory Alertsicons_five-150x150

Set thresholds to alert you when inventory runs low. Control which employees in your business get notified. Automatically create a new PO with a reorder quantity. Learn more.


icons_one-150x150Stock Taking

Conduct inventory counts using the talech app or dashboard to keep track of any inventory changes. Get a detailed report on any differences between expected and actual counts.  Learn more.


Inventory Logicons_two-150x150

View a record of all changes to a product’s inventory count including sales, returns, stock take counts and more during any time period. Learn more.


Customer Stories
At talech, we wake up everyday to offer the best experience to our customers. We’re honored to share a few stories showing how talech is helping our customers run their business better!