Perk up your POS with Product Images and Seamless Sync

We’re excited to roll out several new features and enhancements. As always, we appreciate all you do to help us make talech even better.

Product Images: Showcase Menu Items and Reduce Ordering Errors


We’ve improved our menu functionality! Now you can easily add a product photo to each item on your menu. Learn More

Seamless Sync: Run your Business When the Internet Goes Down


With Seamless Sync you can take orders, process cash payments and sign employees in and out. Learn More

But Wait! There’s Even More…

  1. Use Automatic Customer Profiles to personalize interactions with customers and build your database with a swipe of a credit card.
  2. Create and apply a fixed dollar Tax to all orders to comply with state and local laws. Learn More
  3. Protect sensitive information while enabling managers to run day-to-day store operations with Manager Role. Learn More
  4. Now employees can better track their hours with the option to Print Timesheet on Clock-Out. Learn More 

For Restaurant and Bar Customers:

  1. Streamline the ordering process with improvements to Order by Table Position. Take orders, drag-and-drop items, close out checks, split checks by table position. Learn More
  2. Reduce errors during order taking with improvements to Modifiers. Now if specified, servers must select a minimum number of add-on options before adding items to an order. Learn More
  3. Decrease revenue loss with improvements to our Void feature. You can now track inline voids by employee. Learn More
  4. Reclaim lost revenue from credit card Tips. Now you can set a percentage to hold back in order to cover credit card processing fees. Learn More
  5. Alert customers to possible data entry errors, with Over Tipping Alerts for any tip entered over 25%. 
  6. To see a full list of improvements and fixes rolled out in this release please go here.

We hope these new offerings help you run your business better. As always, drop us a note or call us at 1.888.995.1998 if you have any questions, feedback or want to suggest other features and enhancements.

We are always listening!
Head of Product, talech

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