I’ll have the #3 combo

We’ve made it even easier to sell and track products using talech. Use Bundles to create groups or combinations of items. Stock to Sale units makes it easier to track what’s left in stock when you sell drinks. Finally, get more control over applying discounts at the product level through our Product Tags feature.

Bundles and Assembly


Box sets, combo meals, group sets – you can now sell complex products using the Bundles feature. And with Automatic Bundling, we do the hard work to group items if a match is found!  Read | Watch

Sale Units


If you sell drinks by the glass and want better visibility into what’s in stock, the Sale Units feature is the perfect fit for you. Now you can sell various draft beers or wine glasses while still tracking exactly what’s left in your keg (err or bottle).  Read | Watch

Product Tags



Want more control over which items to discount? With Product Tags, you can set discounts to trigger for specific products such as clearance items or happy hour bottle beers. Learn more

More goodness…

  • Use the new default tip setting to make it faster for your customers to pay during checkout. Learn more
  • Email receipts from the talech web dashboard. Learn more
  • Control your default register view per device. Learn more
  • Improved app stability for our customers using the Elo station. Learn More
  • Use the Auth Sync feature to start a tab on one iPad and close it on any other. Learn more
  • Control if employees require admin approval before order transfer through a new employee permission. Learn more