Introducing talech Register 4.0

talech Register is getting a facelift, and we’re excited to officially launch it today! For more than 6 months, we have been working with Apple to improve the product experience so your iPad POS solution is even better. From a new home screen to a redesigned orders view, this is our biggest release in over 2 years. And it comes packed with some of the most requested POS features.

There were 3 goals which drove our app redesign:

  • Improve overall usability and navigation
  • Keep the user focused on the task at hand
  • Design for the future

A new starting point
Get access to the top sections of the app through an intuitive and easy-to-navigate home screen. The screen automatically reconfigures top actions based on user role and privileges.


A redesigned orders view
We’ve made scrolling through and looking up orders easier. The new orders screen displays all the key information including the order type. You can view orders by time, table number or customer name, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.


A smarter register experience
Stay focused on the task at hand with a cleaner navigation bar and contextual actions based on whether you are editing an existing order or about to start a new one.


New features

Order Ticket Customizationorder-ticket

Control where you print ticket information such as item quantity or ticket details. Set your font size per printer and add a starting offset to make your tickets easier to read.
Learn more.

Printer Tagsprinter-tags
Get more granular control over how order tickets are dispatched. Tag items with any label such as “hot station” or “cold station” and send your items from the same category to different ticket printers. Learn more.


Denomination Countingsimulator-screen-shot-oct-14-2016-9-57-59-pm
Reduce errors and save time when closing your cash drawer shift by using the new denomination based counting screen. Tap on note or coin denominations to sum up for closing shift totals. Learn more.

Allow cashiers to close out open orders from any server without a transfer prompt. Tips and revenue are always attributed to servers. Learn more.



Want to get familiar with the latest iPad POS app changes?

Watch the video below or read our retail and restaurant overview guides:

We hope these new offerings help you run your business better. As always, drop us a note or call us at 1.888.995.1998 if you have any questions, feedback or want to suggest other iPad POS features and enhancements. We are always listening!

Download the new app today

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