What’s new in talech – Jan 2017 edition

We wanted to ring in 2017 with a series of features and improvements to talech.

Custom Order Types
Catering, Drive Thru, Special Order – you name it! Create custom order types to make it easier for you to track sales by each type. Learn More.


Default Modifiers
Switch to conversational ordering with default modifiers. Now you can pre-define which modifiers to select per item. Switch out default options for substitutions and save precious seconds while taking orders. Learn More.


Multi-store product sync 
Sync your products, categories, and discounts across locations. Make changes at any location and only sync the changes you choose. Use a single interface to update inventory at multiple stores. Learn More.



Manager Cards

Approve voids and other admin actions with a swipe of a card. Cards can be printed by just about any card company so you can get the best deal out there.   Learn More.


We hope these new offerings help you run your business better.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.