New Customer Experiences

We’re excited to announce new customer experiences that make it easier for your customers to order and pay. Kiosk mode is officially here. We’re also rolling out a beta version of a customer facing display app that improves the checkout experience.

Kiosk Mode
Kiosk mode is a self-serve ordering experience that helps businesses improve the checkout flow and also drives down their operating costs. It’s easy to setup, is already built into your talech Register (no additional app to download) and only requires you to purchase an additional device license for each station. Kiosk mode can also be used to collect donations, create new retail experiences and more. Contact your sales representative to sign up for new devices. Learn more.

Customer Facing Display (BETA)
talech’s customer facing display provides your customers greater visibility into the purchase flow. You can customize the display to engage your customers¬†at the point of purchase with promotions and custom messaging. The customer facing display app is free to use. If you are a talech customer, contact us to be part of the beta program.

Customer Facing Display

Bundle Tagsbundle-tag
Bundles with tags provides tons of flexibility to create sets of combo products. For example, you can create a combo meal using any sandwich, any drink and any side or you can sell a group of any 3 shirts as a set. Learn more.


Cash Drawer Edit & Audit Capability
Managers and admins can close a cash drawer shift and record the amount at a later date to speed up shift changes. Any changes are audited and tracked in the cash drawer report on Learn More.