4 Smart Strategies for Using Discounts and Promotions to Generate Sales

With the holiday season around the corner, businesses across the country are gearing up to entice customers looking for deals. Discounts are effective tools to drive sales and reduce excess inventory. In hospitality, promotions such as happy hour and weekday specials can bring in customers during slow days and times. Talech offers a powerful range of discounting capabilities that can help you achieve your business objectives. Here are 4 ways talech can help you apply these discounting capabilities to achieve your sales goals:

Clearance Discounts

Clearance discounts are commonly used in retail scenarios to clear out excess or old inventory. In this example, certain clearance items across different categories are tagged as red dot (50% off).
Step 1: Create tag “Clearance”
Step 2: Apply “Clearance” tag to one or more products
Step 3: Create “Clearance” 50% off discount and apply “Clearance” tag to discount. Setup discount to automatically apply.



Happy Hour Promotions


Happy hour promotions are used to discount drinks or food during the week at specific times. In this example, we will create a happy hour discount where all bottled beers are set to a fixed price of $2 from 4-6pm from Monday to Thursday. To setup a happy hour discount, create a discount and set the discount type to “Fixed Price” with a value of $2.00. Select the “Bottled Beer” category and enable weekdays from 4-6pm under “Automatic Discount”.




BOGO Discounts

BogoBuy one get one free (BOGO) discounts are a powerful way to drive up ticket size and also help promote related items. A common example of a retail BOGO discount could be: buy 1 shirt and get the 2nd one free. In hospitality, BOGO discounts can also be combined with happy hour discounts such as: “Tuesday special –¬†Get your second appetizer free when you order between 4pm and 7pm.” In this example we will setup a retail¬† BOGO discount where the customer gets a free scarf if they purchase any two Women’s Tops.

Step 1: Create tag “Scarf”
Step 2: Apply “Scarf” tag to all scarves in the “Accessory” category
Step 3: Create a BOGO discount, setup the rule on which to trigger the discount and the reward details (see screenshot below).




Variable Priced Discounts


Variable priced discounts are a flexible way to offer a custom discount during the purchase flow. These can be used in situations where a manager decides to apply a discretionary discount. To apply a variable discount, create a discount, select the discount type (% off or $ off) and leave the amount field blank. In the register, tap on the discount button and enter the discount value.



In summary, when used correctly, discounts can not only help you achieve your sales goals, but also build a regular customer clientele while maintaining your profit margins.

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