Introducing Service Charges and Automatic Reporting

Service Charges
Delivery, restocking, banquet, bottle deposit – the new Service Charges feature can be customized for almost any scenario. Trigger a charge only for to-go orders or amounts greater than $100. You can correctly attribute any service charges to the business or an employee making reporting easier. Learn more.


Automatic Reports
Stay on top of all your business metrics in your email inbox. Setup daily, weekly or monthly alerts and send them to key decision makers in your business. Choose the format that works best for you. Learn more.


New Reports
Get more visibility into your sales with two new reports – sales by hour and sales by day of week. Both reports help you make better business decisions on staffing and when to run promotions.



Duplicate Orders
Speed up the ordering process for regular customers with the duplicate order feature. With one tap (and zero effort), you can re-create the entire order.  Learn more.

Dynamic Bundlesdynamic-bundles
Create bundle products with prices determined dynamically at checkout based on what’s in the bundle, thereby making it easier to setup bundles with many variations.  Learn more.

To learn more about these and other features, drop us a note at or reach us at: 1.888.995.1998.