talech + Deputy: Better business through data

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Today, we’re excited to announce our integration with Deputy, an HR and employee management system. Deputy manages everything between hiring and paying your employees: scheduling, time & attendance, tasking, communication and more. Customers using talech and Deputy can better predict and manage labour costs by creating employee schedules in line with sales data from talech. Deputy customers can simplify the tracking of employee hours by starting and ending shifts via mobile device.  Time data can also be seamlessly integrated to payroll and accounting platforms in just a few clicks.

Karl Purdy is the founder and CEO of Coffeeangel, an award winning chain of cafes in Dublin, Ireland. The talech-Deputy integration has given Karl increased visibility into his business operations. “Labour expenditure is one of our single greatest operating costs. The importance we at Coffeeangel place on the quality of service our staff provide, as well as understanding and managing these labour costs, cannot be overstated. Understanding how and when to staff to ensure excellent quality service has just been made infinitely easier with talech’s integration with Deputy. Both historic and live daily NET sales data from talech combine and overlay on top of Deputy’s daily labour cost predictions providing a clear visual reference ensuring store managers can staff at appropriate levels and guarantee excellent service based on your own factual sales data. Total game changer!”

The integration is currently only available to our customers in UK and Ireland. We expect to roll it out to our US customers soon.

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At talech, we’ve always believed that data and insights help our customers run their businesses better. With the Deputy integration, we’re continuing to move that mission forward.

To sign up or learn more about Deputy, please visit deputy.com.

To sign up or learn more about talech, please visit talech.com or email us at eusales@talech.com.