talech Testimonial: Habitat for Humanity ReStore of Anderson County

Habitat for Humanity Restore Using talech POS

Here at talech we are on a mission to help merchants run their businesses better. In this edition of “talech testimonials” we interviewed Habitat for Humanity ReStore of Anderson County to learn more about their business and why they chose talech as their POS.

talech: “Good morning! Thanks for speaking with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about your business?”

HFH: “Sure. My name is Cory Lundeen and I am the manager of Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Our Habitat ReStore is 12 years old. We sell furniture, home decor, building supplies and more. These items are sold to the general public at a fraction of retail prices, with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity.”

talech: “How often does ReStore get new items to sell?”

HFH: “Daily! We receive donations every day that we are open. And we sell the items that come in very quickly. We have 120 transactions per day and a growing customer base!”

Habitat for Humanity Restore just talech POS

talech: “Wow! We can see why you needed a reliable POS that was easy to use.”

HFH: “With the increasing sales and transactions, we knew we needed to streamline our business and find a system everyone could learn very easily. User friendliness and reporting functionality were actually our two main decision factors.”

talech: “So user friendliness and reporting functionality are what ultimately made you choose talech as your POS?”

HFH: “Yes. And it helped that I learned the entire system in 15 minutes! I knew that if I could pick it up that quickly, training the staff to use the system would be a breeze.”

talech: “What benefits have you enjoyed from purchasing talech’s POS?”

HFH: “I love the fact that talech is super responsive when we have a suggestion for improvement or need a bug fixed.”

Habitat for Humanity Restore Sign

talech: “Happy to hear that! Does that mean that you would recommend talech?”

HFH: “Absolutely! I have already recommended talech to at least 25 of our business partners. The system can be tailored to fit your exact business, the reporting features are very insightful, and the ease of use makes it easy to learn the entire system. We highly recommend talech!”

talech: “Thank you! We really appreciate the kind words!”

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