Rock and Role

employee-role-5.2Not all employees are the same, even if they do the same job. Access controls and wages vary between employees and in some cases, employees will have multiple roles within your business.  Accurately tracking the hours worked for each role is key to ensuring payroll accuracy.

This is why we have made managing employees a lot easier – and a lot more powerful.  Our employee customization options are now the most flexible tools in the market today.

Here are some of the key features of employee roles:

Assign multiple roles per employee

Employees can now have one or more custom roles (i.e. Manager, Staff) accessed with a single PIN at the register.  Use clock-in functionality to choose between roles and once clocked in, every register will automatically sign in to that role.

Customize roles to meet your needs

You are no longer restricted by the type of employee to assign permissions. Want to give staff members cash drawer access?  No problem!  Any permission can be applied to any role, regardless of access level.

Added Permissions

We’ve increased the number of permissions available.  Choose to give access to:

  • preset discounts or custom discounts
  • refund or return without receipt
  • edit timesheet, cash drawer shift, or menu
  • store manager privileges
  • access to

For a full list of permissions, click here.


Each employee can have a custom set of permissions or wage rates based on assigned role.


Not only can employees be assigned multiple roles, but those roles can be shared across locations… all with the same PIN.


Each timeclock entry is separated by role so wages (and costs) are tracked correctly.

Get started with Employee Roles

Watch our introduction video for employee roles.

Table Turn


Better track how long guests have occupied tables with fully customizable thresholds.  Keep your table service efficient and timely.

Learn how to set up thresholds.

Auto-send to kitchen for online orders


Route orders directly from your online ordering site to the kitchen. If the customer places the order for the future, we will hold on to the order until it needs to be sent, ensuring the food is hot and ready when your customer arrives.

How to enable auto-send to kitchen

Interested in knowing more about online ordering?  Send an email to

Update talech today

These are only some of the features in the latest release.  For a full list of enhancements, see our 4.5 Enhancements/Fixes list