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useful staff management toolsImproving employee productivity is always at the forefront of a business owner’s mind. Part of achieving this comes from tracking what your staff is doing during their shifts, while another side comes from examining your own management processes. Many owners think they have a handle on what their staff is doing, but how effectively are you managing your employees if you can’t be everywhere at once?

One client approached us after realizing late one night that they were greatly overstaffing on certain shifts and understaffing on others. The discovery was made when, on a whim, the owner stopped into their business and found four of the six on-duty employees playing on their phones. This prompted a deeper analysis of the owner’s staffing levels, where it was discovered that the business saw fewer than a dozen patrons during the last two hours of being open.

Staff management apps were developed with dilemmas like these in mind. With an appropriate staff management solution in place, keeping tabs on your employees becomes that much easier. This empowers your staff as well, moving them from varying levels of disengagement to being fully engaged in your day-to-day operations, which provides an immediate production boost and improves customer service. In order to move to the next level, you must first understand the must-have features for effective staff management.

Utilizing Staff Management Apps to Streamline Roles

A great place to start is to ensure that your staff roles are properly defined to match your employees’ job duties and your operational goals. The ability to have granular access controls is crucial, as this allows you to alter levels of access depending on particular job roles. Also important is s a staff management solution that allows you to assign multiple roles for different employees, which can be especially important during peak hours when your time and resources are short and a high level of production is critical.

If you run mixed shifts or have multiple locations, your staff management app needs to be tailored to handle these situations. The flexibility to change roles for multiple employees comes with the ability to override permissions on a per-employee basis, which is greatly beneficial should your staffing needs abruptly change. For example, say your second shift lead has to leave early due to a family issue. However, none of the remaining staff has the correct permissions to count out the registers at the end of the night.

Without an effective staff management solution in place, you would be forced to come in to resolve these issues yourself or even interrupt the evening of an off-duty lead to perform these tasks. Instead, the right staff management app would allow you to quickly and easily resolve the matter by making a short-term role change from home, allowing the on-duty staff to complete their tasks. As you can see, time and cost savings are just part of the benefits seen from using staff management apps. It helps reduce the number of call-ins, leaving your employees with an improved work-life balance, which ultimately results in higher employee morale and retention rates. These flexible benefits make staff management a breeze.

Reigning in Payroll Costs with Cloud-Based Timekeeping

Too often, we find small businesses that rely on manual timekeeping processes, such as punch cards, spreadsheets, or pen-and-paper time tracking. The accuracy and, unfortunately, the honesty required for manual systems simply do not cut it in today’s technical age. Not only are these processes severely error-prone, but they also do not give you an easy way to turn data into reports for spotting attendance and performance issues.

Fortunately, cloud-based timekeeping is a key benefit of quality staff management apps. The use of simple clock-in and clock-out features makes it much easier to track when your employees are on-duty. Data collection and reporting can be automated, giving you a great way to snapshot your labor costs as well. Restaurant owners gain the critical ability to handle employee tip declarations during the clock-out process. These data-driven approaches give you the advantage of accurate time tracking with the ease of useful reporting to allow you to review how your employees are working.

Staff Management Apps Provide Concise Reporting Tools

Perhaps the greatest advantage of modern staff management apps is the ability to use business-oriented labor cost reporting. The reports allow you to get a better idea of how your labor costs stack up against revenue and supplies, giving you a bird’s eye view into your biggest cost drivers. With this, you can easily track minimum wage increases and the effects on your bottom line, as well as production bottlenecks. It’s also helpful for tracking which of your business hours need extra staffing assistance—and which need to be pared down a little more.

Auditing timesheets and tax information reduces the chances for payout errors and allows for improved attendance control. Also, you will be gaining insight into who is accessing your cash drawer and when, who is authorizing refunds and no-sales, as well as the generation of void reports to quickly identify and correct sources of leakage. These reporting abilities may solve many problems in your business that you might not even be aware of. Integrating the right staff management app into your workflow will elevate your business to new levels. The best of these apps are the ones that can fully integrate with your point of sale system.

Getting the Required Assistance to Help You Grow

Choosing a staff management app can be daunting, especially if you are looking to manage staff across various shifts and sites, but the payoff is worth it, especially when your new staff management plan is part of your POS system. Finding a POS system that does it all allows for better reporting, timekeeping, and the prevention of common staffing oversights. The advantages of moving away from manual or outdated staff management systems far outweigh the cost of implementation, especially when you enlist the help of an experienced partner. Reigning in payroll and staffing costs is about more than just dollars; it’s about finding ways to improve how your business operates.


When you seek the assistance talech can offer, you gain a trusted partner that will plunge into your business operations in order to gain an in-depth understanding of your processes. We’ll help you explore all of the POS and labor management solutions we have to offer to select the right system for your business.  Contact us today or sign up for a demo and to learn more about how talech can be a valued asset in your arsenal.