talech and Poynt: Re-imagining the point of sale experience


Our mission at talech is to help merchants make better business decisions through technology. Today, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Poynt, the maker of the world’s first smart terminal, to offer merchants a one-stop business solution. As part of our collaboration, the talech app will be pre-loaded on all Poynt devices for a broad range of verticals including the retail and restaurant segments. talech will offer a free version of its app to all Poynt customers; upgrading their experience is seamless thanks to Poynt’s billing and app store platform.

talech’s powerful point-of-sale software combined with Poynt’s elegant payment experience will be a great fit for a range of merchants, from the corner store to the multi-location business as they transition from legacy payment terminals to modern, next-generation software and business tools. In addition, our companies’ partner focused approach makes us a natural fit in many existing channels where we do business.

“Poynt was founded based on a vision of giving merchants superpowers. Our collaboration with talech showcases the capabilities of our platform, and further enhances our merchants ability to run their business in the most seamless way possible. This partnership allows us to extend talech’s capabilities to our retail and restaurant merchants, and sets the standard for future partnerships in other verticals,” says Osama Bedier, CEO of Poynt.


  • talech will be the default point-of-sale/register experience for all Poynt customers in the retail and hospitality verticals (cafes, QSRs, restaurants, bars)
  • talech will offer a free version of its point-of-sale experience for businesses which will enable them to create orders, accept payments, manage employees, add customers and view reports.
  • Customers can upgrade plans and unlock additional features such as online ordering, gift and loyalty right from the talech app with just a few taps on their Poynt terminal
  • Poynt will extend talech’s capabilities to enable multiple use cases including countertop ordering, order and pay at table, line-busting and other mobile scenarios.
  • Customers will be able to accept all forms of payments, split checks by position, adjust tips, open bar tabs and settle transactions right from the talech app on Poynt.
  • Customers can use the talech/Poynt solution in conjunction with talech on iPad to manage tables and perform other functions.

Irv Henderson, CEO/co-founder talech