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We’re excited to announce our latest release with tons of new features and improvements. House accounts, BOGO-type discounts, and new reports. Check out the video that covers highlights from this release.

House Accounts
Allow your customers to open a tab or pay for an order. Choose whether you want customers to make a deposit or pay at the end month. Track balances and automatically send out monthly statements to customers.  Learn More.

Simulator Screen Shot Apr 13, 2017, 8.21.46 AM.png

BOGO (Buy One Get One) provides advanced discounting functionality based on pre-set rules. It’s easy to set up and is flexible for many applications: buy 2 shirts, get the 3rd at 50% or buy any 2 pizzas and get a free drink. BOGO is available for talech Premium customers. Learn More.

Simulator Screen Shot Apr 14, 2017, 9.57.14 AM.png

But wait there’s more…

  • Print tickets on item voids
  • Control which discounts require admin approval
  • Send kitchen tickets on save or add to order
  • Print settlement report anytime
  • Employees can bulk adjust tips from settlement screen
  • See full list of features here

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What’s new in talech – Jan 2017 edition

We wanted to ring in 2017 with a series of features and improvements to talech.

Custom Order Types
Catering, Drive Thru, Special Order – you name it! Create custom order types to make it easier for you to track sales by each type. Learn More.


Default Modifiers
Switch to conversational ordering with default modifiers. Now you can pre-define which modifiers to select per item. Switch out default options for substitutions and save precious seconds while taking orders. Learn More.


Multi-store product sync 
Sync your products, categories, and discounts across locations. Make changes at any location and only sync the changes you choose. Use a single interface to update inventory at multiple stores. Learn More.



Manager Cards

Approve voids and other admin actions with a swipe of a card. Cards can be printed by just about any card company so you can get the best deal out there.   Learn More.


We hope these new offerings help you run your business better.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

Introducing talech Register 4.0

talech Register is getting a facelift, and we’re excited to officially launch it today! For more than 6 months, we have been working with Apple to improve the product experience so your iPad POS solution is even better. From a new home screen to a redesigned orders view, this is our biggest release in over 2 years. And it comes packed with some of the most requested POS features.

There were 3 goals which drove our app redesign:

  • Improve overall usability and navigation
  • Keep the user focused on the task at hand
  • Design for the future

A new starting point
Get access to the top sections of the app through an intuitive and easy-to-navigate home screen. The screen automatically reconfigures top actions based on user role and privileges.


A redesigned orders view
We’ve made scrolling through and looking up orders easier. The new orders screen displays all the key information including the order type. You can view orders by time, table number or customer name, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.


A smarter register experience
Stay focused on the task at hand with a cleaner navigation bar and contextual actions based on whether you are editing an existing order or about to start a new one.


New features

Order Ticket Customizationorder-ticket

Control where you print ticket information such as item quantity or ticket details. Set your font size per printer and add a starting offset to make your tickets easier to read.
Learn more.

Printer Tagsprinter-tags
Get more granular control over how order tickets are dispatched. Tag items with any label such as “hot station” or “cold station” and send your items from the same category to different ticket printers. Learn more.


Denomination Countingsimulator-screen-shot-oct-14-2016-9-57-59-pm
Reduce errors and save time when closing your cash drawer shift by using the new denomination based counting screen. Tap on note or coin denominations to sum up for closing shift totals. Learn more.

Allow cashiers to close out open orders from any server without a transfer prompt. Tips and revenue are always attributed to servers. Learn more.



Want to get familiar with the latest iPad POS app changes?

Watch the video below or read our retail and restaurant overview guides:

We hope these new offerings help you run your business better. As always, drop us a note or call us at 1.888.995.1998 if you have any questions, feedback or want to suggest other iPad POS features and enhancements. We are always listening!

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talech + Homebase: A labor of ❤️

We’re excited to announce an integration with Homebase, a FREE fully featured labor management software for businesses. With Homebase, you can setup employee schedules, send shift reminders, track overtime, get payroll ready exports and view detailed labor cost reporting.


Hassle-free scheduling: Free, easy drag-and-drop schedule builder. Edit and republish anytime.
Keep staff on time: Shift reminders via SMS, email or mobile apps. Alerts for late employees.
Stay compliant: Multiple roles and wages. Break and overtime tracking. Payroll ready exports.
Manage labor costs: Real-time labor cost reporting. Actionable trends and insights.

How It Works


Watch Homebase In Action

unnamed (1)

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Click here to sign up, email sales@talech.com or call us at: 1.888.995.1998.

We hope these new offerings help you run your business better.  As always, drop us a note or call us if you have any questions, feedback or want to suggest other features and enhancements.  We are always listening!

Introducing Exchanges

talech makes it easier for you to process returns and exchanges. Customers can return an item and exchange for an item of any value. For items of lesser value, talech will automatically refund the difference on the customer’s card or allow them to choose cash back and store credit options. If the item being exchanges is of greater value, the customer only pays the difference. Learn more.


I’ll have the #3 combo

We’ve made it even easier to sell and track products using talech. Use Bundles to create groups or combinations of items. Stock to Sale units makes it easier to track what’s left in stock when you sell drinks. Finally, get more control over applying discounts at the product level through our Product Tags feature.

Bundles and Assembly


Box sets, combo meals, group sets – you can now sell complex products using the Bundles feature. And with Automatic Bundling, we do the hard work to group items if a match is found!  Read | Watch

Sale Units


If you sell drinks by the glass and want better visibility into what’s in stock, the Sale Units feature is the perfect fit for you. Now you can sell various draft beers or wine glasses while still tracking exactly what’s left in your keg (err or bottle).  Read | Watch

Product Tags



Want more control over which items to discount? With Product Tags, you can set discounts to trigger for specific products such as clearance items or happy hour bottle beers. Learn more

More goodness…

  • Use the new default tip setting to make it faster for your customers to pay during checkout. Learn more
  • Email receipts from the talech web dashboard. Learn more
  • Control your default register view per device. Learn more
  • Improved app stability for our customers using the Elo station. Learn More
  • Use the Auth Sync feature to start a tab on one iPad and close it on any other. Learn more
  • Control if employees require admin approval before order transfer through a new employee permission. Learn more

We couldn’t weight to tell you

Today we’re excited to announce a big release packed with features. From new hardware to integrated gift cards, running your business just got a whole lot easier with talech!

Sell Items by Weight
From yogurt shops to grocery stores, businesses can now easily sell items by weight. Customers using select Epson printers can connect a weight scale to automatically get the item weight. Add a tare weight to automatically deduct the container weight. Learn more.
Weight scale


Integrated Gift Cards
Print custom gift cards to match your brand and activate them directly from the payment screen. Add promotional value to any gift card to keep your customers coming in. Learn more.
Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.40.24 PM

Returns without receipts
No receipt? No problem! Accept returns without the original receipt and transition from your old POS with ease. Learn more.


talech premium customers can use the new coursing feature to improve kitchen efficiency. Assign courses to items, send order tickets by course and group items by course and table position. Learn more.
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.04.30 PM


Print Item Labels
Speed up order lines, reduce employee errors and save $$ on Sharpies by automatically printing item labels for drinks and food items – a perfect fit for quick serves and cafes. Learn more.
coffee (1)


There’s More….
  • Double topping, triple topping, yup. Now you can tap on a modifier multiple times to add it to an item. Learn more.
  • For orders with multiple payments, customers have the flexibility to select which payments to refund when accepting a return. Learn more.
  • Group taxes on receipts into a single line with a new register setting. Learn more
  • Control table and guest count using separate settings. Learn More
  • Make sure your employees never miss out on those hard earned tips with an improved signature and tip screen that reduces customer errors by always requiring a tip selection. Learn more.
  • Get an inventory snapshot at any time in the past. Learn More 
  • Upload suppliers and more with an improved bulk product upload flow. Learn more


We hope these new offerings help you run your business better.  As always, drop us a note or call us at 1.888.995.1998 if you have any questions & feedback.  We are always listening!




Global Payments Partners with talech to Offer Industry-Leading EMV Tablet Solution to U.S. Merchants

ATLANTA and PALO ALTO, November 23, 2015 – Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN), a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services, announced an agreement with talech Inc, a cloud-based POS solution, to offer its U.S. merchants an industry-leading tablet solution that, when coupled with the Ingenico iCMP device, allows them to take advantage of both EMV and contactless technology services.

The EMV solution is designed to offer Global Payments’ U.S. customers security and flexibility in a wide variety of applications with a single device. Customers using talech’s cloud-based POS can accept all payment types including swipe, chip-and-pin, chip-and-signature, as well as contactless transactions via Apple Pay®, Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay with an iPad®.

“Enabling this tablet solution with talech demonstrates Global Payments’ commitment to providing industry-leading EMV support for our customers,” said Frank T. Young, SVP, Global Product and Innovation at Global Payments. “This technology offers a mobile alternative, allowing our customers to take advantage of both EMV and contactless solutions.”

“We are excited about this partnership with Global Payments that offers a more robust EMV solution for businesses of any type while also helping merchants simplify operations and make better decisions using our intuitive and intelligent POS software,” said Irv Henderson, CEO and Co-Founder at talech.

This solution is available immediately to Global Payments’ U.S. customers. Click here to learn more

About Global Payments

Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN) is a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services that delivers innovative solutions driven by customer needs globally. Our technologies, partnerships and employee expertise enable us to provide a broad range of products and services that allow our customers to accept all payment types across a variety of distribution channels in many markets around the world. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with approximately 4,500 employees worldwide, Global Payments is a Fortune 1000 Company with merchants and partners in 29 countries throughout North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Brazil. For more information about Global Payments, our Service. Driven. Commerce brand and our technologies, please visit www.globalpaymentsinc.com.

About talech

talech Inc brings the power of data to small and medium-sized businesses in the form of intuitive and intelligent software. talech solutions allow business to simplify operations, get key insights and make better business decisions. www.talech.com

Perk up your POS with Product Images and Seamless Sync

We’re excited to roll out several new features and enhancements. As always, we appreciate all you do to help us make talech even better.

Product Images: Showcase Menu Items and Reduce Ordering Errors


We’ve improved our menu functionality! Now you can easily add a product photo to each item on your menu. Learn More

Seamless Sync: Run your Business When the Internet Goes Down


With Seamless Sync you can take orders, process cash payments and sign employees in and out. Learn More

But Wait! There’s Even More…

  1. Use Automatic Customer Profiles to personalize interactions with customers and build your database with a swipe of a credit card.
  2. Create and apply a fixed dollar Tax to all orders to comply with state and local laws. Learn More
  3. Protect sensitive information while enabling managers to run day-to-day store operations with Manager Role. Learn More
  4. Now employees can better track their hours with the option to Print Timesheet on Clock-Out. Learn More 

For Restaurant and Bar Customers:

  1. Streamline the ordering process with improvements to Order by Table Position. Take orders, drag-and-drop items, close out checks, split checks by table position. Learn More
  2. Reduce errors during order taking with improvements to Modifiers. Now if specified, servers must select a minimum number of add-on options before adding items to an order. Learn More
  3. Decrease revenue loss with improvements to our Void feature. You can now track inline voids by employee. Learn More
  4. Reclaim lost revenue from credit card Tips. Now you can set a percentage to hold back in order to cover credit card processing fees. Learn More
  5. Alert customers to possible data entry errors, with Over Tipping Alerts for any tip entered over 25%. 
  6. To see a full list of improvements and fixes rolled out in this release please go here.

We hope these new offerings help you run your business better. As always, drop us a note or call us at 1.888.995.1998 if you have any questions, feedback or want to suggest other features and enhancements.

We are always listening!
Head of Product, talech

Sync talech with Quickbooks, Shopify and over 30 other Applications


Now you can seamlessly sync your talech sales and order information with your accounting and e-commerce applications – including Quickbooks and Shopify – as well over 30 other business applications.

We have partnered with OneSaaS to enable this functionality – to see a full list of business applications that you can sync your talech information with please go here.   To sign up, please contact us at support@talech.com.