An image of a clothing store

Online Ordering Checklist for Retail

Setting Up to Sell Online The ability to sell your products online gives you the potential to reach a wider audience and grow your revenues and customer base. In many ways, it is easy to get up and running with an online ordering presence. But it’s also not quite as simple as taking your in-store…

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restaurant owners look at data on tablets from their POS

Why Your Restaurant POS Must Offer Data Analysis

  Restaurant industry leaders spend years, decades, and lifetimes in the business gaining enviable experience. Some have owned different styles of restaurants and have even opened multiple locations spanning across the state or across the country. They achieved it all before restaurant POS data analysis was even available. Today, however, a lot has changed in…

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person using a delivery app on phone to order takeout

How Do Online Ordering Systems Work for Restaurants?

  The onslaught of forced changes that have been dropped on your doorstep by the COVID-19 pandemic probably still have you reeling. We know that restaurants have been hit especially hard. In many cases, restaurant owners are being allowed to stay open, but with severe limitations, typically only being allowed to fill pick-up or delivery…

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