laptop screen displaying different sales data charts

How to Use Sales Management Metrics to Benefit Your Business

  Sales management is the lifeblood of a business. It includes many responsibilities which ensure that a company can continue to be successful. One of these crucial responsibilities involves tracking key metrics that are unique to your industry. Restaurant managers look closely at labor cost percentages, food cost percentages, and inventory turnover rates. The same…

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setting up fast food business

Setting Up a Fast Food Business for Success

Fast food is frictionless food. The key to success in the quick-service restaurant industry is to remove all the barriers between a customer’s hunger and a satisfying meal. That means providing a menu that’s both tempting and instantly accessible, giving customers the power to indulge any passing food fancy while also painlessly wrapping up the…

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professional services management software

Do You Need Professional Services Management Software?

Large companies wouldn’t be able to function without enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to automate the thousands of routine business tasks that arise in a given workday. However, the features, complexity, and cost of ERP systems make them unsuitable for most professional services and other smaller firms. That doesn’t mean service-oriented businesses are stuck using…

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