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Using POS as Employee Leave Management Software

  Employee leave or “time away” management is a vital component to having a sustainable workforce. Paid leave is budgeted customarily as a fixed expense, so allocated hours must be categorized by human resources standards and used appropriately by employees. Controls must also be put in place to ensure every employee receives the correct number…

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Gaining POS System Experience in Employee Workforce

  The rapid improvements in POS technology have introduced some exciting new elements into small businesses. Many of these emerging technologies have created scaled-down versions of data and software functionalities that were previously reserved for large-scale Enterprises. However, having these powerful features at your fingertips presents new challenges. The learning curve has grown with the…

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How to Use Sales Management Metrics to Benefit Your Business

  Sales management is the lifeblood of a business. It includes many responsibilities which ensure that a company can continue to be successful. One of these crucial responsibilities involves tracking key metrics that are unique to your industry. Restaurant managers look closely at labor cost percentages, food cost percentages, and inventory turnover rates. The same…

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