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coffee shop customer pays with credit card

Best POS for Cafes and Coffee Shops

  What exactly does “the best” mean? Product and service promotions all love to use the phrase, and too often customers exploring these options end up disappointed. The same unfortunately applies to POS technology, where the myriad of “best” options on the market often ends up either not fitting the needs of the modern cafe…

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dinner plate holding gift card

Restaurant Gift Cards: POS Tools for Custom Offers

  Restaurant gift cards are a promise of future business during a time of great uncertainty. With COVID-19 forcing restaurateurs across the nation to find alternate ways to get quality food to their customers, gift cards offer an additional revenue stream and a way to maintain a strong community relationship. Modern digital advances make it…

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chef uses restaurant ordering system to track tickets

Restaurant Ordering System Dos and Don’ts

  Creating a relaxing and inviting dining environment is a common goal of all restaurant owners. An important part of creating these experiences in your restaurant is the ability of you and your staff to accurately fill orders with minimal delays. Not only does accuracy help improve table turnover times, but customers will remain relaxed…

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