A handheld POS system with printer can speed up your business.

Do You Need a Handheld POS System with Printer?

Retailers, restaurateurs, and service providers know the register has to do a whole lot of different things in order to please today’s customers. Everyone seems to have a different way they prefer to pay. Some want to hang around and chat about loyalty options and their next appointment. Others just want to just wave their…

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Salon inventory best practices help you run your business more smoothly.

A Look at Salon Inventory Best Practices

We should be having a constant conversation with our inventory. Not literally staring at a bottle of shampoo until we hear a voice in our head but having a give and take of information. That builds salon inventory best practices.  Our inventory is our customer history, after all. We bring in things we think will…

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The best point of sale options for small business come with a wide variety of features.

The Best Point of Sale Options for Small Business

Sitting at your desk and Googling “best point of sale options for small business” might give you less answers than you think. Features all appear similar, surrounded by splashy graphics that proclaim to the world that their solution is the end all, be all, solution. Combined with cryptic or non-existent pricing options on their website,…

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