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spa employee accepts credit card payment

Top Benefits of Spa Point of Sale Systems

  Spas are one of the most customer-focused, service-based businesses in the industry. Creating a relaxing, tranquil, and calm environment is a large part of delivering adequate service, but the implementation of a cutting-edge spa point of sale system can boost both the customer experience and profits even further.  Each spa point of sale system…

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Salon owner shows client image on tablet pos

Does Your Hair Salon Point of Sale System Do Enough?

  Hair salons aren’t your typical retail businesses. For one thing, salon customers tend to develop personal, long-term relationships with their hairstylists. In addition, efficient scheduling is the key to keeping salon customers happy and employees productive. On top of all this, a salon’s inventory has to keep pace with ever-changing customer preferences. A hair…

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nail salon employee runs customer's credit card through machine

5 Ways a Nail Salon POS System Can Help Build Your Business

  There’s nothing easy about running a nail salon. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the industry to a near standstill, salons faced intense competition, rising expenses, and a concerted effort to protect employees from the ill effects of exposure to the potentially dangerous chemicals they work with. Nails Magazine’s 2020 Annual Report surveyed nail…

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