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woman uses ipad while having hair styled at salon

The Best Salon POS Systems for iPad Users

  Sitting at any point of the day is a rare luxury for the owners and staff of a bustling salon. Whether it is running to the storeroom for more product or the intricate dance of maneuvering customers to the appropriate stations, you and your staff don’t have time to be sitting behind a desk.…

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woman pays for salon appointment with contactless mobile payment on modern POS system

5 Must-Have Beauty Salon Point of Sale System Features

  Any time you adopt new technology, it should only make your life easier. That’s especially true when choosing a point of sale system for your beauty salon–it should improve the ease and efficiency of your business. You want to make running your salon more profitable, enjoyable, and less stressful, which is why ease-of-use should…

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A road sign that displays a message saying 'use social distancing'

COVID-19: A Guide to Doing Business

The measures to control the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) have impacted how people go about their daily lives. As a consequence of the restrictions to movement, businesses have had to make adjustments to their operations. We’re Here To Help Giving our customers the tools to flourish has always been the guiding principle behind talech. Supporting…

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salon management software

How to Leverage Salon Management Software

The old cliché around things quickly snowballing holds especially true for salons. All it takes are a handful of stressful, poor customer service experiences to be shared in reviews, social media, or among friends, to empty out your chairs. And once lost, you will have an uphill climb to regain a fraction of the clients…

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guide to opening a hair salon

The Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a Hair Salon

  Deciding to turn your passion for hair into a business is just as exciting as it is stressful. Bringing your well-defined vision to fruition is full of intricately balancing the creative with the functional while ensuring that any regulatory and tax concerns are being met. You do not want to sacrifice your creativity when…

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