employee uses pos scanner to complete purchase transaction

Top 5 Features of Retail Point of Sale Hardware

  Refreshing the point of sale hardware you rely on can be an exciting project. First, there is the process of discovering all of the exciting innovations that have taken place since you made your last purchase. Then, you enter into full-on daydreaming mode as you start to envision just how perfectly your new hardware…

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employee stands outside of wine shop

Best Point of Sale Software for Liquor Stores

  Liquor stores are unlike any other kind of retail operation in some significant ways. For example: They are subject to federal, state, and local regulations, including various permits and licenses. The field is highly competitive, so profitability depends on efficiency. Marketing, branding, and quality customer service are imperative for success. Point of sale software…

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employee process payments on pc point of sale

Using Point of Sale Software for PC? Why?

  When it came time to invest in the growth of your salon, bookstore, or bike rental business, the decision to buy point of sale software to help was probably easy. From scheduling appointments to managing inventory, there are multiple processes that a good POS system streamlines. For business owners who get bogged down by…

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