employee in restaurant looks at pos terminal

POS System Explained: The Goods and the Bads

Sometimes, it’s the simplest of changes in how we do business that have the most impact on how well the company performs. When you rearranged the table layout in your cafe to give it a cozy, more open feel, you probably noticed that your patrons hung around longer—and ordered a second (or third) cappuccino. Maybe…

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shopper gives credit card to cashier in clothing shop

Best POS Software for Retail Stores

  Retail companies of all sizes have been using technology in their stores for years. And, with every passing year, that technology improves by leaps and bounds. Point of sale systems, in particular, have come a long way in helping businesses ranging from shoe stores to cigar shops to wedding boutiques streamline their business operations.…

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customer makes a contactless payment with phone

POS System Problems? Find a More Reliable Solution

  “First, do no harm.” Most people are familiar with this well-known adage as it relates to medical care, but it applies as well to our use of technology. Unfortunately, many businesses find themselves dealing with POS system problems that leave them wondering whether the products are doing more harm to their bottom line than…

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