employee takes contactless payment from customer on POS equipment

Easy POS Systems for Small Business Owners

  Small business owners bring a passion to everything they do in creating an inviting, pleasing atmosphere for their customers. Great care is taken to build the perfect mix of products and services to turn the heads of potential customers and inspire loyalty in existing ones. Putting this all together requires time, patience, data, and…

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two employees consult a POS feature on iPad

Must-Have POS Software Features for iPads

  Small business owners are quickly discovering just how many benefits are being provided by having a POS infrastructure built around iPads. The sleek and sophisticated feeling that an iPad-based register can present to a customer makes a lasting positive impression of your business. And, this only grows when you also take advantage of POS…

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woman uses ipad while having hair styled at salon

The Best Salon POS Systems for iPad Users

  Sitting at any point of the day is a rare luxury for the owners and staff of a bustling salon. Whether it is running to the storeroom for more product or the intricate dance of maneuvering customers to the appropriate stations, you and your staff don’t have time to be sitting behind a desk.…

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