global map representing affiliate sales

Track Affiliate Sales and Better Manage Your Business

  There are three things every sales manager has in common: the search for more sales, quality leads, and higher-value transactions. Whether you sell professional services, skin products, or other consumer goods, your revenues will always depend on strong sales management and strategic marketing. You rely on your primary sales associates to be knowledgeable and…

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employee runs payments at a point of sale terminal

A Study in Point of Sale System Use Cases

  Reading about the benefits of point of sale software is one thing. Speaking directly to a salon, quick service restaurant, or tobacco shop owner about their experience with POS software and the impact it has had on their overall operations is another. The ability to do both, especially if you’re thinking about taking the…

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laptop user places an online order with credit card

Best POS System for Online Ordering

  ECommerce continues to transform the retail industry. The surge in online ordering predates the COVID-19 pandemic, which turned a flood of online sales into a tidal wave. Some key data trends to be aware of include: Research firm Statista forecasts that worldwide online retail sales will increase from $3.53 trillion in 2019 to $6.54…

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