nail salon employee runs customer's credit card through machine

5 Ways a Nail Salon POS System Can Help Build Your Business

  There’s nothing easy about running a nail salon. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the industry to a near standstill, salons faced intense competition, rising expenses, and a concerted effort to protect employees from the ill effects of exposure to the potentially dangerous chemicals they work with. Nails Magazine’s 2020 Annual Report surveyed nail…

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business owner wearing apron holds ipad and smiles

An All In One Terminal POS System Guide

  Hard work may be its own reward, but making things easier and simpler in your business can ultimately improve your bottom line. At least, it will if simpler and easier refer to the efficiency and control of an all in one terminal POS system. Digital, internet-powered point of sale solutions take up the spot…

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customer at cafe pays for tea with phone and contactless mobile pos terminal

How a Mobile POS Terminal Will Increase Your Business

  Stores are courageously readapting their operations to COVID-19 state directives. Many are achieving success, primarily through increases in online ordering. For restaurants, delivery services have become a critical service market overnight. Internet shopping has already increased exponentially over the past ten years. However, with stay-at-home orders, even that rate has skyrocketed. In your own…

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employee takes phone order at pos terminal

POS Order Management for Your Growing Business

  Watching your business grow and thrive is an exciting feeling. Long removed from the days of doing almost anything to bring in business, you are now enjoying a steady stream of customers coming in for your superior product offerings and customer service. Customers view you as the go-to place in your industry, and your…

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bar owners look at POS data on laptop

Bar POS Costs vs. Benefits

The uncertainty that comes from making any new business expenditure in an unpredictable market environment is enough to stop any manager in their tracks. If you’re unsure, then not acting at all can be the outcome. It’s easy for added expenses to pop up when running a bar, even without the constant oversight needed for…

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