customer makes purchase on a kiosk pos system

Kiosk POS Systems and Current Contactless Needs

  The integration of contactless business features has been slowly ramping up across most industries. For small businesses, the promise of line busting and giving staff greater leverage to adapt to increased customer volumes has been a key selling point. However, the current COVID-19 situation has forced many businesses to examine a contactless approach not…

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laptop screen displaying different sales data charts

How to Use Sales Management Metrics to Benefit Your Business

  Sales management is the lifeblood of a business. It includes many responsibilities which ensure that a company can continue to be successful. One of these crucial responsibilities involves tracking key metrics that are unique to your industry. Restaurant managers look closely at labor cost percentages, food cost percentages, and inventory turnover rates. The same…

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woman sits in coffee shop and types on laptop

Best Point of Sale Software in Cafes

  The internet age has digitized everything but your morning cup of coffee—depending on how you define the word “digital.” The best point of sale software for a café now ties together each aspect of service into a digital connection that links every latte order with every online pre-purchase, and everything that falls in between.…

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woman makes clothing purchase at retail store

Point of Sale Software for Clothing Retail Stores

  Your clothing retail store should be as creative as the products it contains. Your vision is the key selling point, after all, so you should be able to spread that influence across the entire shopping experience. Digital point of sale software for clothing retail outlets is the way to unleash that unique creativity. Flexible,…

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