Knowing key point of sale industry trends is critical.

The Top Point of Sale Industry Trends

Business owners such as yourself take pride in noticing the little things, including point of sale industry trends. An item on the shelf slightly out of alignment, garments hung in the wrong sizing area, or dust buildup on a display shelf. Even walking into big-box retailers or chain restaurants, you can’t help but glance around…

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Salon point of sale equipment can greatly benefit your business.

What Salon Point of Sale Equipment Do You Need?

It is important to greet customers with a presentation of a relaxed, organized salon when they first enter. Those vital first thirty seconds sets the tone for their attitude and expectations towards you, as well as determines just how much trust they will place into the hands of your stylists. This requires you to place…

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It's important to choose the right kitchen display system hardware.

What Kitchen Display System Hardware Do You Need?

The general uneasiness that comes with running a restaurant revolves around inaccurate order filling. Sloppy handwriting on an overly full pad of paper, or a splotch of grease over a keyword in an order, can quickly cause a budding long-term relationship with a customer to sour. Offering free items, profuse apologies, and rapid corrections will…

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