salon management software

How to Leverage Salon Management Software

The old cliché around things quickly snowballing holds especially true for salons. All it takes are a handful of stressful, poor customer service experiences to be shared in reviews, social media, or among friends, to empty out your chairs. And once lost, you will have an uphill climb to regain a fraction of the clients…

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labor management system benefits

Top 5 Labor Management System Benefits

The only way for a business—large or small—to operate efficiently is by ensuring it has the right people with the right skills working on the right task at the right time. However, very few small business owners possess the skills and experience to recruit, hire, and train qualified employees, and to assign them to jobs…

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Technology helps improve small business cash flow

Ways to Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow

You opened your doors with a sense of purpose. It was time to finally do things your way and to project your business vision into the world. The money you made would finally be yours, and not belong to shareholders or a company president. That is, the money you have left after purchasing inventory and…

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