employee uses a kiosk touchscreen pos to track sales in cafe

What to Look for in Touchscreen POS Systems

  A pleasing visual appeal is something that does more than win accolades among your peers. Customers will admire the efficiency and elegance that a well-designed business environment projects. This cannot happen, however, if you are relying on a legacy POS cash register and drawer set up to power your business in the modern business…

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a row of pos terminals at a quick service restaurant

Best QSR POS Systems for Amplifying My Business

  The best QSR POS systems move information around your restaurant faster than the speed of thought. These digital platforms amplify all your organization and planning by ensuring every order, modification, and message gets where it’s going without delay or confusion. What is more, the live, automated inventory management features available make sure the pantry…

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hand makes a selection on a touch screen kiosk pos terminal

The Pros and Cons of Kiosk POS Systems

  Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 classic 2001: A Space Odyssey contains a glimpse at the future of self-service kiosk commerce. During the film’s opening vignette, a horde of uncivilized proto-humans discovers a stand-alone, sleek black source of all knowledge with a touch-sensitive surface that transforms the primitive people’s lives. The genius director probably had a deeper…

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hand makes an online order selection on ipad tablet

Is a POS Portable Kiosk the Best Choice for Online Ordering?

  There’s a new catchphrase in the retail industry: Perfecting the pivot. The reality of doing business in the COVID-19 era entails meeting the needs of customers without actually “meeting” the customers. Two technologies in particular help restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and other retailers attract customers while abiding by social distancing and other pandemic-related guidelines:…

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hand makes a selection on a touch screen pos register

Cash Registers for Small Business: Touch Screen vs Mechanical Registers

  Many successful small businesses were built on a reliable and practical mechanical register. Mechanical registers have served as the quintessential workhorse of nearly all in-store consumer sales for over a century. However, the nature of completing the transaction process has now dramatically changed. The speed, power, and affordable price of software-powered smartphones have changed…

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