man in suit uses touchscreen device to access POS system

Can a Touchscreen POS Terminal Increase My Profits?

  Revenues and profits will determine two of the most important indicators of the successes of your business. Profitability tends to be the more critical indicator of the long-term success and viability of your business. Compare revenues to other businesses in your industry to show market strength. Having increasing revenues demonstrates market demand. Increasing profit…

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user selects item from a qsr pos touchscreen menu

Dynamic Features of Top Rated QSR POS Systems

  Adopting one of the top rated QSR POS systems means you don’t have to be onsite to effectively run your restaurant. The digital trends influencing quick-service restaurants (QSR) in the 2020s are toward customer self-service, kitchen/service automation, and cloud-based business software solutions—all of which is about untangling the customer experience by removing as many…

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bar employee uses pos terminal to process a payment

Bar Point of Sale Cost Comparison

  If it’s time to renew the contract for the point of sale system for your bar or you’re thinking about using POS for the first time, dollar signs—and how to save them—might be flashing before your eyes. You don’t want to make a decision without having all the facts. Maybe you learned that lesson…

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hands holding ipad select items from online shop

Top POS Systems Using iPad

  The excitement is building around the capabilities and ease of use that the use of iPad tablets can bring into a small business. The ability to harness a powerful computing platform into a device that is both small in physical footprint and frees you from your desk is game-changing. Having the influence of a…

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hand selects item from a kiosk menu

Kiosk Point of Sale System Benefits

  Automation in restaurants and other retail stores is gaining more attention as businesses look for ways to minimize social contacts. Kiosk point of sale systems offer retailers an option for reducing direct contact between customers and employees.  The challenge in discouraging the spread of COVID-19 is to keep the kiosks disinfected. This requires thoroughly…

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woman uses an ipad to track inventory in stock room

Best Inventory Management Software in Retail

  The diligence that goes into choosing the perfect items for a store is an element perfected by first understanding the consumer. As a retail owner, you understand that developing an intuition about what your customers are looking for is a delicate balance between new and exciting products and the timeless standbys that sell consistently.…

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