It's important to constantly improve salon performance.

How to Improve Salon Performance Through Point of Sale

Salon owners are faced with many unique challenges including how to improve salon performance. Managing appointment bookings and coordinating with stylist schedules are only the tip of the iceberg. Having the right stylists on hand is a difficult challenge in an employment marketplace that is trending towards a gig economy. You must examine social trends…

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A POS system for a small restaurant should be flexible and functional.

How to Choose a POS System for a Small Restaurant

Larger and robust POS solutions may at a glance appear to be overkill for smaller restaurants. This thinking rapidly changes when the time and task saving benefits of a complex POS system for a small restaurant are considered. Smaller restaurants often operate with significantly less financial resources, as well as fewer tables, reduced kitchen space,…

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Restaurant point of sale systems should include 5 key features.

Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Need These 5 Features

When you think of industries at the forefront of tech, you probably don’t include the restaurant point of sale systems among the tech leaders. Yet according to figures compiled by the business finance site Finances Online, 80 percent of restaurants have implemented technologies that streamline their operations and make them more profitable. In addition, 73…

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