retail point of sale equipment

What Are the Types of Retail Point of Sale Equipment?

The technological tools that retailers rely on have improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. The introduction of consumer technology into the business world has given small retailers an improved ability to transform the way they do business. Next-gen software functionalities seamlessly blend into advanced data management and analytics to provide insights that were…

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POS gift card system

The Ins and Outs of a POS Gift Card System

Americans love to give the gift of shopping. More than half the adult population currently has an unredeemed gift card to one boutique, store, or service. The flexibility that gift cards afford make them appealing to almost anyone, and every day, more and more money gets added to these billions of dollars’ worth of potential…

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Restaurant delivery apps can simplify your ordering process

Restaurant Delivery Apps Can Be an Advantage

Investing the time into a thorough examination of restaurant delivery apps will help you beyond the current tough times for restaurants. You will touch on all of your processes and will locate areas in which the way you presently do things must be changed to become compatible with delivery operations. This leads your restaurant on…

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Staff time management software can be overly expensive and extensive for restaurants, retailers, and salons

Do You Need Staff Time Management Software?

One activity all businesses share is time tracking. However, while some companies need a full-fledged time-tracking system that keeps an accurate account of how all employees are spending their work time, other businesses, such as restaurants, salons, and other retailers and professional services, require only a way to track appointment booking, clock workers in and…

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professional services management software

Do You Need Professional Services Management Software?

Large companies wouldn’t be able to function without enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to automate the thousands of routine business tasks that arise in a given workday. However, the features, complexity, and cost of ERP systems make them unsuitable for most professional services and other smaller firms. That doesn’t mean service-oriented businesses are stuck using…

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