ipad displaying sales metrics

7 Sales Metrics That Matter to Retailers’ Success

  As the retail industry continues to reinvent itself, the old ways of measuring success are becoming obsolete. The traditional approach to sales metrics emphasized same-store sales, sales per square foot, customer traffic, units per transaction (UPT), average unit retail (AUR), and digital growth. The problem is, most of these metrics don’t reflect the way…

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coffee shop customer pays with credit card

Best POS for Cafes and Coffee Shops

  What exactly does “the best” mean? Product and service promotions all love to use the phrase, and too often customers exploring these options end up disappointed. The same unfortunately applies to POS technology, where the myriad of “best” options on the market often ends up either not fitting the needs of the modern cafe…

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woman taps shopping cart icon

What is Click and Collect? Selling 101

  Running a business has always come with challenges, and you have always been able to rise above them. Tackling them head-on, you have created a business plan that is crafted to keep you nimble and flexible regardless of the circumstances. But even the best business planning could not have seen or addressed some of…

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gift card with bow

6 Premium Gift Card POS Requirements

  Retail, restaurant, and services gift cards have been given new life in the digital era. This formerly low-tech holdover from the days when your local Blockbuster was a cutting-edge entertainment provider is now a dynamic, multi-channel way to generate new business and inspire customer loyalty. Gift cards are among the most popular presents of…

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