Cafe point of sale systems have many useful features

The 3 Best Features of Cafe Point of Sale Systems

Running a cafe can be a very social experience. You most likely will be on a first-name basis with your regulars, and new customers may seek your advice about anything from upcoming area events to the best place to get an oil change. As part-time barista, part-time personal assistant, and full-time business owner, you need…

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affordable retail POS system

How to Choose an Affordable Retail POS System

  Small business owners too often must operate while feeling surrounded by business world pressures. Increasing prices for the products your customers love, the influx of new payment systems, and the continued encroachment of Big Box retail into your bottom line are all working to squeeze your margins. You need to make decisive decisions about…

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Spa business management software improves customer relations and business organization

Why Spa Business Management Software Is a Must

Many spa owners believe that the only software they need to run their business is an appointment-booking app that helps them manage their employees’ schedules. Boy, are they missing out! Today’s spa business management software serves as the control center for nearly all aspects of running a successful operation. Spa management applications let managers accept…

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Coffee shop loyalty programs are easy with the right POS

Coffee Shop Loyalty Programs Explained

Loyalty is the feeling that there’s something special waiting for you. It can be a friendly face, a comforting atmosphere, great service, or that perfect coffee blend to begin a working morning. Whatever the something special is, it is worth searching out again and again because it makes you happy. Coffee shop loyalty programs are…

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