Knowing how to run a mobile business startup can be beneficial.

How to Run a Mobile Business Startup

Never before have retail businesses been so portable. That’s why knowing how to run a mobile business is important.  In an age where food cart vendors earn Michelin stars and the latest fashions are as likely to be found on a flea market table as on Fifth Avenue, it’s clear that mobility is taking retailers…

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Clothing store inventory management is a critical task for store success.

Clothing Store Inventory Management Tips and Tricks

Clothing store inventory management is probably not one of the activities that make you rush to start each business day. Yet without a thorough understanding of the stock on hand, a clothing store will be challenged to keep its customers happy and its cash registers ringing. Coming to the rescue of clothing store managers struggling…

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Affordable point of sale software is beneficial to salons.

Finding Affordable Point of Sale Software for Salons

The digital age has changed the meaning of affordable point of sale software. The move to subscription and Software-as-a-Service models where the cost of accessing the best business software is spread out over monthly and annual payments rather than a big upfront purchase means even small salons can use the best technology. Finding the most…

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Develop restaurant business using technology in a smart way.

How to Develop Restaurant Business through Technology

There’s a restaurant in New York’s West Village that spent December presenting its diners with virtual reality headsets. Removed from their surroundings, and unable to see what they were eating, guests at the James Beard House experiment were instead immersed in a digital environment of Alice in Wonderland-style fantasy for the duration of their meal.…

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