Technology helps improve small business cash flow

Ways to Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow

You opened your doors with a sense of purpose. It was time to finally do things your way and to project your business vision into the world. The money you made would finally be yours, and not belong to shareholders or a company president. That is, the money you have left after purchasing inventory and…

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small business invoice software

The 5 Best Small Business Invoice Software in 2020

The digital era has given small businesses superpowers. Thanks to innovations such as cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service arrangements, and eCommerce, enterprises of every size can access the technical advantages usually reserved for much larger companies. In 2020, you don’t need a data analytics department. You just need to find a point of sale solution that provides…

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guide to opening a hair salon

The Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a Hair Salon

  Deciding to turn your passion for hair into a business is just as exciting as it is stressful. Bringing your well-defined vision to fruition is full of intricately balancing the creative with the functional while ensuring that any regulatory and tax concerns are being met. You do not want to sacrifice your creativity when…

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We're here to help adapt to unexpected 2020 restaurant trends

Adapting to Unexpected 2020 Restaurant Trends

Restaurateurs are always on the lookout for the next unexpected event that could slow the flow of customers. Impactful events, such as the recent Coronavirus pandemic, or more localized events, such as large local employer shutting its doors, can quickly cut into the business of a restaurant. How prepared are you for a sudden drop…

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Small restaurant equipment costs can be brought down with savvy choices

How High Are Small Restaurant Equipment Costs?

When you run a restaurant, ways to save money are often hidden in plain sight. For one thing, when’s the last time you took stock of how much you have invested in equipment, including your technology? By upgrading your equipment and technology you can improve your working processes. And more efficient processes means you can…

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