Small businesses and community involvement go hand-in-hand.

Small Businesses and Community Involvement

Across the country, small businesses are essential to making their local communities attractive to residents and visitors. Very often, from large metropolises to small-town America, you will find small business owners from all walks of life and industries working to develop a sense of community pride. While it may seem like larger corporations have community…

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Free bar point of sale software can end up costing you.

Is Free Bar Point of Sale Software Worth It?

Bar and tavern owners are saddled with many of the same concerns around margins as other businesses. The challenge of keeping costs low, especially after an initial opening or a rebranding, is a priority that must be executed with precision. The temptation may grow for bar owners looking to save on costs to consider implementing…

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A bar POS software solution can make all the difference.

What POS Software Solution Works Best for Bars?

Your customers rely on your bar as a place of refuge. It is a place to escape the daily stresses of life, to meet with friends and coworkers, or to introduce themselves to a potential special someone. Playing part-time therapist, part-time best friend, and part-time drink creator, bartenders play a variety of roles in your…

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Deal with upset customers in a friendly, polite way.

How to Deal with Upset Customers in Retail

Customer complaints are the most confronting aspect of retail. It can be hard not to take things personally when someone finds fault with your products, your service, or the way your business operates. But if you can remain calm and if you have a plan in place for how to deal with upset customers, an…

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Your business reputation and image is critical to your success.

Business Reputation and Image: Why Is It Important?

The painstaking effort you have endured in order to build your business reputation and image is priceless. The long, sleepless nights of figuring out your first-year tax returns. The endless Google searches and online seminars to ensure that the products you choose will steer the people through your doors and not past them. Conducting the…

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