labor management standards

What Are Your Labor Management Standards?

  No business owner wants to be charged with violating labor laws or face civil liability as a result of some workplace incident. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for businesses to know which workplace regulations apply to their operation. That’s why it’s important for small businesses in particular to establish clear labor management standards to…

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A clothing store point of sale can simplify everything from promotions to inventory

Do You Need a Clothing Store Point of Sale?

  How many different roles do you have to play to keep your clothing store running? There’s facetime with customers, leading and educating staff, curating your online presence, keeping up with the latest trends, and then a world of back of house tasks like purchase orders, inventory management, and tracking sales. Digital technology can help…

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POS system staff management tools simplify scheduling

Staff Management Tools Explained

  Your employees form the backbone of your business. You may think that it is primarily your products and services that bring customers back for an encore, but it’s important not to underestimate the impact that your staff has on the overall success of your business. From the moment a customer enters your world until…

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Top point of sale systems for restaurants share certain common features

Top Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants Have This in Common

These days, running a restaurant without the help of a cloud-based POS system is unthinkable. Customers demand you provide modernized convenience features, such as online ordering and self-order kiosks. Modern businesses must use reporting features on a regular basis if they’re to have the intelligence needed to make informed management decisions. And seeing as how…

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Restaurant staff management software can integrate with your POS to provide a simple restaurant management solution

Restaurant Staff Management Software Can Empower Employees

  The restaurant business is known for being stressful. Whether people are waiting, bussing, cooking, bar-tending, hosting or prepping, hospitality takes fortitude and perseverance. Such hard-working people deserve help from technology, especially when they’re the ones who make your restaurant a success. Restaurant staff management software isn’t just for managers; it can empower employees, too.…

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Small business staff scheduling software makes planning coverage simpler than ever

Do You Need Staff Scheduling Software for Small Business?

We live in a DIY era. Rather than paying for consultants or waiting for guidance, leading small business owners and managers are instead finding the right digital tools to provide their own solutions. The rise of subscription and Software-as-a-Service arrangements, where businesses access the latest technologies through renewable, on-demand agreements, lets operators use the same…

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