A road sign that displays a message saying 'use social distancing'

COVID-19: A Guide to Doing Business

The measures to control the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) have impacted how people go about their daily lives. As a consequence of the restrictions to movement, businesses have had to make adjustments to their operations. We’re Here To Help Giving our customers the tools to flourish has always been the guiding principle behind talech. Supporting…

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food truck software

Using Food Truck Software the Right Way

The mobile nature of operating a food truck makes accuracy and efficiency even more important than your brick-and-mortar colleagues. Managing receipts, coordinating supplies and locations, and making sure your staff and customers know where to find you is a delicate balance of flexibility and organization. The introduction of mobile POS technology offers a way to…

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restaurant software programs

What to Look for In Restaurant Software Programs

Your restaurant software programs should give you answers. Answers to questions that help you run a better business. Answers to questions about staffing, customer preferences, marketing campaigns, and the flow of information around the floor and how it affects service. Finding the right software program is like appointing an auditor to come and watch every…

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retail inventory management

Retail Inventory Management Broken Down

Countless hours of investment in your retail business have helped to get you where you are today, but does something still feel out of place? To date, your success has largely been driven by determined interactions on behalf of you and your staff with the customer. From this, you have been able to learn how…

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