iPad point of sale hardware can boost your business.

What iPad Point of Sale Hardware Do You Need?

The excitement of bringing iPad point of sale hardware into your business is contagious. You and your staff will find yourselves looking at your newly unboxed iPads with admiration and wonder. You or your POS vendor assists you in loading the software onto your devices. The attentive staff goes through the appropriate training, the excitement…

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A pay at table device provides convenience to your customers.

Should You Upgrade to a Pay at Table Device?

Many owners in the food and beverage industry have been in this horrible customer service scenario. The server presents a seated party of five seated with their bill. After 15 minutes of math and discussion among those in the party, instructions are given to the waitress: one of the five is paying in cash and…

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A handheld POS system with printer can speed up your business.

Do You Need a Handheld POS System with Printer?

Retailers, restaurateurs, and service providers know the register has to do a whole lot of different things in order to please today’s customers. Everyone seems to have a different way they prefer to pay. Some want to hang around and chat about loyalty options and their next appointment. Others just want to just wave their…

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