Restaurant staff management software can integrate with your POS to provide a simple restaurant management solution

Restaurant Staff Management Software Can Empower Employees

  The restaurant business is known for being stressful. Whether people are waiting, bussing, cooking, bar-tending, hosting or prepping, hospitality takes fortitude and perseverance. Such hard-working people deserve help from technology, especially when they’re the ones who make your restaurant a success. Restaurant staff management software isn’t just for managers; it can empower employees, too.…

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Small business staff scheduling software makes planning coverage simpler than ever

Do You Need Staff Scheduling Software for Small Business?

We live in a DIY era. Rather than paying for consultants or waiting for guidance, leading small business owners and managers are instead finding the right digital tools to provide their own solutions. The rise of subscription and Software-as-a-Service arrangements, where businesses access the latest technologies through renewable, on-demand agreements, lets operators use the same…

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Restaurant tabletop technology can speed up the dining experience for customers and staff

How Restaurant Tabletop Technology is Shaking Things Up

Our on-demand online lifestyle has reached the restaurant business. Several major chains are handing control of the dining experience over to their customers and getting out of the way. The preliminary results indicate the tech-heavy, help-light approach that uses self-serve tablet technology in place of wait staff is resulting in more customers spending more money…

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Modern POS solutions provide retail management strategies for small businesses

What Are Your Retail Management Strategies?

Running a retail store can feel something between a long-distance marathon and a twenty minute sprint on the treadmill. You have your mind on the next season, or the next holiday, but are trying to juggle all of your outstanding tasks along with an unanticipated surge of customers. You consider adding more staff for these…

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