Bar and restaurant POS software can smooth out your business.

Bar and Restaurant POS Software Trends

Keeping up with new and emerging trends is exactly what bar and restaurant owners must do to maintain high levels of customer engagement. Determining the trends to follow, and sorting between those that have staying power versus trends that whisk by unnoticed is an important soft skill for you to possess. Staying on target with…

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It's important to have some point of sale experience.

How Much Point of Sale Experience Do You Need?

One of the greatest challenges facing retailers is the need to keep pace with changing technology or risk being left behind by the competition. At the same time, resistance to change is part of our nature. Fortunately, reconciling these two opposing forces — the need to change and desire to keep things as they are…

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A point of sale barcode scanner can help you work smarter, not harder.

Why a Point of Sale Barcode Scanner Can Help

New technologies allow small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts in many different ways. Yet one of the most productivity-enhancing technologies for retailers remains sorely underused: a point of sale barcode scanner. In fact, a point of sale barcode scanner can be a productivity booster. Pointing out the many benefits of barcodes: Barcodes improve…

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A solid mobile business payment system can save you headaches.

What’s Your Mobile Business Payment System?

Introducing mobility technology can be a freeing choice. No longer tethered, you are free to take your business to nearly anywhere you would like. Whether it is walking the aisles to seek customer interaction, or strolling up to diners to mingle, having mobile technology in place ensures that you can do this without missing anything…

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Point of sale self service kiosks are growing in popularity.

How Does a Point of Sale Self-Service Kiosk Work?

Self-service kiosks are taking the retail industry by storm. The U.S. market for self-service kiosks will only grow in the coming years. The retail industry represents the largest single sector of point of sale self service kiosk use, accounting for a large amount of the market in recent years. The growing popularity of point of…

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