POS cash register training helps your business run more smoothly.

POS Cash Register Training Tips and Tricks

Using a cash register seems to be relatively straightforward at a glance. You scan the items being purchased or manually enter in labeled prices. You push another button to tally the subtotal, press the sales tax button, and present the final amount due to the customer. You accept the payment, issue change as required, and…

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Running a pet grooming business requires a focus on tech.

Running a Pet Grooming Business Starts With Smarter Tech

When running a pet grooming business, you face many of the same day-to-day challenges as those running human-focused salons. Setting and maintaining appointments are always a moving target, as is keeping your stylists’ skills fresh and up to date. Throw in some industry insurance requirements and local health department regulations and you essentially have a…

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Salon inventory best practices help you run your business more smoothly.

A Look at Salon Inventory Best Practices

We should be having a constant conversation with our inventory. Not literally staring at a bottle of shampoo until we hear a voice in our head but having a give and take of information. That builds salon inventory best practices.  Our inventory is our customer history, after all. We bring in things we think will…

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