The best point of sale options for small business come with a wide variety of features.

The Best Point of Sale Options for Small Business

Sitting at your desk and Googling “best point of sale options for small business” might give you less answers than you think. Features all appear similar, surrounded by splashy graphics that proclaim to the world that their solution is the end all, be all, solution. Combined with cryptic or non-existent pricing options on their website,…

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A point of sale offline mode is a boon for mobile businesses

Do You Need a Point of Sale Offline Mode?

The transaction is almost complete. After half an hour of assisting the customer in front of you, final decisions have been made and the only step left to close the sale is a swipe of the credit card. But then, the unthinkable happens. After the card is swiped, the view of your screen, instead of…

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