Use talech's retail hiring tips to improve your staffing

Retail Hiring Tips: Experience vs. Talent

Going it alone in retail is not realistic; eventually, you will need to hire staff to perform a variety of day-to-day tasks to keep things humming along. Even with staff in tow, the challenges of identifying and retaining top talent should be at the forefront of your mind. According to the Center of American Progress,…

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Cashless business pros and cons depend on the consumer.

Cashless Business Pros and Cons: Should You Make the Switch?

Businesses switching to a cashless payment model have been trending upward in recent years. According to Capgemini, cashless payments in 2016 reached $486.2 billion, with a forecasted growth of 21.6% globally through 2021. Additionally, the number of cashless transactions in North America has reached 161 billion with little sign of slowing. With cashless payment policies…

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