There are a lot of pop up shop costs to keep in mind when starting up.

Pop Up Shop Costs: From Supplies to a POS

There’s no denying it: Pop-up shops are unlike most other businesses. Whether they’re limited-run restaurants, monthly events, or special, one-night-only affairs, many traditional business tactics are out the window. While sales tracking and reporting are, of course, still important, long-term business strategies don’t always apply (unless, of course, you’re a serial pop-up shop entrepreneur). Like…

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Easier POS reconciliation can speed up your bookkeeping.

Easier POS Reconciliation Starts With Your Software

Spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and a seemingly endless amount of numbers to tally. With the wrong system in place, POS reconciliation goes from “regular business procedure” to “mathematical nightmare.” However, modern systems can make it so when it comes time to do some bookkeeping, you’re not pulling an all-nighter just to make the numbers add up.…

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