Use small business mother's day ideas to boost your business.

Small Business Mother’s Day Ideas to Boost Your Holiday Weekend

Mother’s Day brings retailers and restaurants some fantastic opportunities to increase their levels of customer engagement. The potential windfall to all businesses is illustrated through National Retail Federation (NRF) research, which indicates that 86% of Americans celebrate Mother’s Day, spending $23.1 billion in the process. Regardless of whether you are a boutique retailer or a…

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Kitchen display systems are helpful for speeding up the back of house process.

What Are the Benefits of Kitchen Display Systems?

Restaurateurs know the pain of operating with razor-thin profit margins, and any potential place where cost or productivity savings can be made are worth their weight in gold. While on the hunt for cost-cutting solutions for your restaurant, the basics of operating a restaurant must prevail: accurate service, high-quality meals, low wait times, and satisfied…

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Point of sale security is paramount for data protection.

Point of Sale Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

Data security is critical given the volume of PII and transaction data being collected and stored by businesses. Any security breach, no matter how big or small, can tarnish your reputation and turn away customers. It happens everywhere, such as the loyalty program information breach Panera endured in the spring of 2018. Data breaches are…

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Fire & Hold, Embedded Barcodes, and Camera Scanner

Fire & Hold for Full-Service Restaurants Orchestrating the dance between your patrons at the table, your servers, and your kitchen is a production often hidden behind the curtain.  Restauranteurs know this all too well: making sure dishes are served together, in a timely fashion and to the guests’ specifications is vital to pas de deux…

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