restaurant software programs

What to Look for In Restaurant Software Programs

Your restaurant software programs should give you answers. Answers to questions that help you run a better business. Answers to questions about staffing, customer preferences, marketing campaigns, and the flow of information around the floor and how it affects service. Finding the right software program is like appointing an auditor to come and watch every…

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retail inventory management

Retail Inventory Management Broken Down

Countless hours of investment in your retail business have helped to get you where you are today, but does something still feel out of place? To date, your success has largely been driven by determined interactions on behalf of you and your staff with the customer. From this, you have been able to learn how…

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integrated POS solutions

The Benefit of Integrated POS Solutions

When you opened your doors, you had little idea of what software you would really need to function at a high level of efficiency. You knew you needed to track your inventory and be able to compare sales data to incoming product data, but managing staff may have been an afterthought, as survival was the…

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Announcing talech Online Ordering for Retail

  Announcing Online Ordering for Retail The ability to sell products online is the key to growth for many businesses around the world, but the importance of having the capability to do so has increased in recent weeks. The restrictions on movements put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 have impacted a huge…

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setting up fast food business

Setting Up a Fast Food Business for Success

Fast food is frictionless food. The key to success in the quick-service restaurant industry is to remove all the barriers between a customer’s hunger and a satisfying meal. That means providing a menu that’s both tempting and instantly accessible, giving customers the power to indulge any passing food fancy while also painlessly wrapping up the…

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retail point of sale equipment

What Are the Types of Retail Point of Sale Equipment?

The technological tools that retailers rely on have improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. The introduction of consumer technology into the business world has given small retailers an improved ability to transform the way they do business. Next-gen software functionalities seamlessly blend into advanced data management and analytics to provide insights that were…

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